Rathmines Chess Club – New Site

Welcome to the Official website of the Rathmines Chess Club.

Here you will find regular postings about the club, including news and events, tournament news, and team results. But you’ll also find background information about the club. Please click on the About page to find out more – especially if you’re looking for a friendly Dublin chess club to play in.

New members are always welcome!

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2 Responses to Rathmines Chess Club – New Site

  1. stephan says:

    Hi, good to see the club is back online.
    Say hi to all.

    Here’s the link to my Belgian team http://www.gambiet.net/
    We play in fifth (and bottom) division, having 120 teams placed above us but we’ll try to get the title so we can go up.

  2. rathmineschessclub says:

    Hi Stephan, this is Tony Scannell here. Great to hear from you! We will miss your contribution to the team(s) this year. Please keep in touch and let us know how you’re getting on in Belgium. Do drop by from October 2nd-October 10th, when we have Killian and Stuart reporting from the European Club Cup in Turkey. We obviously are up against it, playing wise, but I am sure the club will do Ireland proud and be able to report many triumphs and disasters with equal humour and insight.

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