Rathmines Battle

Peter Cafolla, Rathmines CC, has amusingly annotated a game of his against another Rathmines player, Philip Hogarty, from the recent City of Dublin tournament.


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3 Responses to Rathmines Battle

  1. antaoiseach says:

    Nice finish by Peter in this game even though Philip ‘castled into it’ as they say. Judging by his commentary it seems that Peter was taking aim at another target as well, I’m not sure he landed a decent blow on this larger adversary?

  2. Peter says:

    Far be it from me to aim anything at all at someone who by his own admission is one of our most sporting and uncontroversial of competitors. It is that very person’s own speciality to take cheap shots at people online certainly not mine!

  3. It is clear that this game’s annotations were all about venting rage and frustration and using an apparent pathological hatred and obsession with one player in particular as a vehicle to prosecute such malice.

    Unfortunately all that was actually achieved was to lay bare the ignorance and sheer stupidity of the smallminded author.

    As was already pointed out, far from landing any sort of decent blow on the target player it has only shown up the not so great Peter for who he is and what he is all about.

    Someone who can only do cheap shots! And this seems to be the range of his limitations.



    Surely the Irish Chess Union can do better than publish this rubbish?

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