European Club Cup October 2nd, Kemer, Turkey

Rathmines took second place in the Irish National Club Chess Championships 2007 and won the right to represent Ireland alongside Kilkenny at the European Club Cup 2007, from October 2nd to October 10th, in Turkey. Here is the first report, of the team’s arrival in Turkey.

european-club-cup-location.gif Kemer, south of Antalya

Report from Darren:

Rathmines are drawn against Chess Club Herzliya from Israel with average rating of 2450 in the first round on the tournament. The Rathmines board order is as follows:

1.24 52 Rathmines 24 Herzliya Chess Club
1 Stuart Robert 0 : IM Haimovich Tal 2447
2 Smith Derek 2131 : GM Zifroni Dov 2501
3 Delaney Killian 2023 : GM Lev Ronen 2414
4 McCabe Darren 0 : GM Bykhovsky Avigdor 2435
5 Killane Jack 2116 : IM Grinshpun Eduard 2418
6 Whelan Niall 0 : FM Ben-Menachem Itzhak 2311

L-R Robert Stuart, Niall Whelan, Killian Delaney, Darren McCabe, Jack Killane, Derek Smith (apologies for the poor quality of the picture!)

We’ve also seconded a local Turkish player Bulent Ersahin 2129 to play with the team.

We arrived separately with Jack, Derek and Niall making it here at around 1am last night. Darren recognised a former world champion on the bus from the airport who he identified as ‘that bloke who beat Adams’, aka Kasimdzhanov. The player acknowledged this with a wry smile.

The Kilkenny team also arrived and joined us beside the pool for a nightcap, they conceded that a party of nine travelled but were typically coy about their team order.

The tournament website is,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/lang,en/

and there will also be coverage of the event on

Check back for here for further reports on our progress.

We’re off for a pre-game swim now (see above picture)!!!

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