Euro Club Cup – Rathmines Review


Rathmines preparing prior to Round 4. Left to right: Jack Killane, Derek Smith, Killian Delaney, Niall Whelan, and Darren McCabe.

Seeded 52nd, our eventual finish was 55th from 56 teams. (We peaked at board 17 in round 4).

Results, match by match:

  1. Herzliya Chess Club 0-6
  2. Schackklub De Sprénger Echternach 1-5
  3. “Apollonia” Chess Club Fier 3.5-2.5
  4. C.R.E. Liège E.L. 0-6
  5. Aarhus Skakklub / Skolerne 1-5
  6. Kilkenny Chess Club 1-5
  7. Matinkylan Shakkekerho Espoo 0.5 – 5.5

Total match points: 2

Total game points: 7

Best individual performances:

  1. Bulent Ersahin 1/4 and a 2200 rating performance
  2. Darren McCabe 3/7 and a 2063 performance
  3. Killian Delaney 1.5/7 and a 1951 performance

All the games are here in one handy download (pgn format, plain text file): rathmines-european-club-cup-games.txt

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