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Rathmines B team beats Dublin in Armstrong

Michael Kennedy, captain of the B team has sent in his report of the great result for the Armstrong B team. At this rate, the A team will need to defend their title against the B team…And I can only say, well done!

(ps: the Rathmines A team play Phibsboro B team tomorrow)

“Last night, 16-Oct-07, Rathmines B scored an unlikely 5.5 – 2.5 win over local rivals Dublin. We may have expected to lose by the same score considering we were far out-rated on nearly every board.
 Rathmines B vs. Dublin
Bd        Player          Rating           Result               Player                Rating
1     Peter Cafolla     1989           0.5/0.5          Jonathan O’Connor 2156
2     Abul Kalam      N/A              1 / 0              David Moya   2089
3     David Goggins 1834             1 / 0              Martin Schmidt 1984
4     John Aherne     1803            0 / 1              Eddie O’Connor 1881
5     Michael Kennedy 1777         1 / 0              Paulo Baroza   1906
6     John Burns      1763            0.5/0.5           Mark Collins 1818
7     Jack Killane 1716                0.5/0.5           Colm Egan 1793
8     Ken Moore 1716                  1 / 0               Shannon Clements 1653
  Score 5.5 / 2.5

What follows is a cursory impression of the games on the night, open to contradiction!

  1. Game of the round had to be the murky encounter between J. O’Connor and Peter on top board. White appeared to gain the initiative out of the opening, but Peter clawed his way back until a draw was accepted in the time scramble. Both agreed it was a fair result.
  2. Abul was first to finish on the night as he showed his class in converting an early plus into the full point.
  3. David remains the team’s star performer in winning his second game in succession against much higher rated opposition.
  4. John Aherne showed signs of rust as he lost out to E. O’Connor after a long summer layoff. That said; surely anyone else on the team would be in for a difficult time against such a wily competitor.
  5. Michael’s win was no classic. The comic conclusion came when Michael blundered an exchange, only to realise that his opponent had actually fallen into a cunning trap. Thus, the outcome was decided much in the manner Inspector Clouseau solved crimes – by pure luck in spite of gross incompetence!
  6. John Burns was relentless in killing every glimmer of his opponent’s counterplay from the get-go. Unfortunately, the slight advantage he seemed to nurse all evening proved insufficient to win.
  7. Jack’s draw against Colm Egan was so quick I’m not sure if anyone saw them come in or go out.
  8. Ken was brave in sacrificing material intuitively for an attack on the king where nothing appeared concrete or forcing. The finish was a spectacular mate in the middle of the board with a lone knight.”

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