Armstrong Cup Report

Quite a dramatic night’s chess was had last night, Thursday 25th October. Rathmines ‘A’ were playing Elm Mount ‘A’ in the Armstrong Cup. The match hung in the balance at 3.5 to 2.5 for Elm Mount, with boards 3 and 8 going down to the wire.

Peter Lynch, playing as a last minute sub for Rathmines on board 8, was a piece down but several pawns to the good, until he reached this position, with black to move.
Peter Lynch vs. Ray Dunne

Ray, in the diagrammed position, played the colossal blunder, Bd8??, and it was game over. He completely forgot about the check along the seventh rank and after cxd8Q, it is instant checkmate. The move that might draw here is a quick e3!, although it needs some analysis.

Things were even tenser on the 3rd board, where Derek Smith was an exchange down but several pawns up to Adam Spirek. With Derek, as black, to move in the diagram below, he has to protect his queen, which would be hanging after Re8+.

So, he played Nxb5 and looks comfortable enough. The two passed pawns are more than enough compensation for the exchange and his king looks relatively safe. But then white played Rb3?? (of course, in terrible time pressure) and after …Qd1+; Qf1 Qxb3; he resigned.

In the other games, Mel agreed a draw against David Fitzsimons on board 1, Killian lost to Gerry McElligott, Tony Scannell lost to Ciaran Quinn, and a rusty Walter Stassen lost quickly to Ray O’Rourke. But Leon Fagan pulled off a very well worked-out win over Bernard Boyle, while Philip Hogarty beat Zygimantas Jakubauskas on board 2.

So the match ended 4.5 to 3.5 in Rathmines’ favour.

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