Ennis Shield, Longford v Rathmines

Report by Peter Bishop, captain of the Rathmines team

Rathmines were beat 2-4 by Longford on Saturday 3rd November

Longford                                       Rathmines
1 Paddy Divilly 1490       1/2 – 1/2      Dave O’Connell 1394
2 P J Reilly 1435              1/2 – 1/2      Peter Bishop 1392
3 Steve Maycock UG       1/2 – 1/2     Paul Mogerley 1340
4 Pat McCarrick 1355         1 – 0          Kannika Koomvilai 1160
5 John Feeny 1311          1/2 – 1/2      Una O’Boyle 1207
6 Petie Collum 6004           1 – 0          Ed Cunningham 991

The four most experienced Rathmines all clinched draws against higher rated players.  The two less experienced were less fortunate (this is only their second season, their first was in Division 6, the Bodley Cup). On board 1 Dave agreed to a draw despite being a pawn ahead because the board was all blocked up in the centre.  On board 2 Peter also agreed to a draw because space was opening up in his rear and his opponent had a very active queen.  On board 3 Paul was first winning then losing but turned the game around with finally his opponent having a king and knight whilst he had a king and rook.  Technically a win but only having six minutes left on his clock Paul agreed a draw. Kannika played her normal neat tidy game but fell to a great level of experience.  Una attacked in her normal inimitable style.  Her opponent was forced to defend.  Unfortunately her attacked failed to generate a material advantage.  She agreed to a draw once it was clear her attack had come to a halt.  Ed fought to the bitter end because his opponent was in time trouble but had to resign in the end.

The team stopped at Edgeworthstown prior to the match for sandwiches and tea and were entertained by Una in her amicable fashion.

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