Ennis Shield result

Rathmines vs. Naomh Barrog in the Ennis Shield, Tuesday 13th November

Atanas Kouhtev 0 / 1 M. King
Dave O’Connell 1 / 0 B. Plummer
Paul Mogerley ½ / ½ M. O’Dwyer
Kannika Koomvilai 0 / 1 J. O’Driscoll
Una O’Boyle 0 / 1 P. O’Doyle
Ed Cunningham ½ / ½ J. Carroll

Atanas lost his game.  (See below for the exciting highlights!). He was a piece up in a convincing position, but in the end, his opponent had two active bishops which he used to trap Atanas’s king in amongst some pawns. 

Dave had an interesting finish to his game whilst under some time trouble.  He trapped his opponent’s rook on a8 with a bishop on b8 and a pawn on a7.  The rook had to stay on a8 to prevent the pawn being queened (it was guarded by a rook on the a file) whilst the bishop was carefully maneuvered into position. 

Ed gained his first points of the season when his opponent carelessly gave up a knight for a pawn allowing Ed back into the game.

Warning to all players when using non-Rathmines clock.
1. Check the initial position of hands or settings – both sides of the clocks MUST read the same.
2. In the first few moves, check both sides of the clock are running.

(I mention this because of recent incidents involving Rathmines players.)
Peter Bishop, captain of the Ennis team.

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