Phibsboro beat Rathmines 5-1 in Ennis Shield

Phibsboro vs. Rathmines, Monday 26th November 2007
Report from Peter Bishop, the Rathmines non-playing captain (with edits…)

1 Michael Delaney 1717 0 -1 Atanas Kouhtev 1409
2 John O’Brien 1706 1 – 0 Dave O’Connell 1397
3 Conor Gilmer 1686 1 – 0 Paul Mogerley 1341
4 Mohammed Parouare UG 1 – 0 Una O’Boyle 1197
5 Tony DuffY 1717 1 – 0 Kannika Koomvilai 1160
6 Tom Fitzpatrick 1617 1 – 0 Ed Cunningham 991

Overall, it was not a good night for Rathmines for a number of reasons. Although the Phibsboro team were very strong (most of their players have ratings over 1650) none of the results were straightforward. However, in the end, they lost convincingly, 5-1.

Atanas beat 1717-rated Michael Delaney on board one, which is an excellent result. However, the other Rathmines players were heavily outrated, sometimes by as much as 600 points. Under those circumstances, it was always going to be a difficult proposition for any of them.

Dave and Una both lost their games though blunders. Kannika was very unfortunate: her game went to the wire. She advanced a pawn a little too far, giving her opponent space to win the pawn and then the game. Ed played probably his best game in two seasons (despite losing). He was a couple of pawns up but lost the game by putting his queen out of play, while his king was in the opponent’s half of the board. Ed’s opponent took advantage of his error to win pawns, minor pieces and then the game.

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