Armstrong A team vs. Dublin

This match was held last Thursday night, 13th December. As usual, the Rathmines team displayed strength in depth, with quite an advantage on the bottom boards in terms of rating. The top boards were a little more even however. Dublin were forced to play some weaker players on the bottom boards and payed the price. Rathmines registered a 5.5 to 2.5 victory overall, despite losing on the top two boards.

Derek, Leon, Tony, Darren, and Philip registered wins, with Mel and Daire losing, and Killian drawing.

Leon won his game with a knight fork on d5 against the king on e7 and the queen on b6. Ouch! Darren managed to queen a pawn in the middle game and hang on to it. He won soon afterwards. Tony started ineptly and reached a losing position against Frank Brady, but worked hard for a draw, only to be presented with a winning endgame thanks to an unfortunate blunder by Frank. (sorry, but I have no details on the other games…)

  1. Mel O’Cinneide 2205  0 – 1 Jonathan O’Connor 2156
  2. Daire McMahon 2160 0 – 1 Martin Schmidt 1984
  3. Philip Hogarty 2069 1 – 0 David Moya 2089
  4. Derek Smith 2007 1 – 0 Alejandro Ferrero UG
  5. Killian Delaney 1999 0.5 – 0.5 Colm Egan 1793
  6. Darren McCabe 1857 1 – 0 Michael Keating 1501
  7. Tony Scannell 1786 1 – 0 Frank Brady 1512
  8. Leon Fagan 1731 1 – 0 Denis Dempsey 1376
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