Killane Shield team win over Bray B

Bray B vs. Rathmines
1 Liam Bennett UG 0 / 1 Atanas Kouhtev 1443
2 Paddy McGarry 1320 0 / 1 Peter Bishop 1392
3 Paul Ryan 1211 ½ / ½ Dave O’Connell 1394
4 Richard Doyle 1254 ½ / ½ Paul Mogerley 1340
5 Vincent Denard 1172 0 / 1 Andrew McGrath 937
Score 1 / 4

Report from Peter Bishop

The match wasn’t as one sided as the results seem to show. Going into the match I felt we could win knowing the strength of our team, that Bray had finished just above us in the Ennis Shield and that we were playing their B team. They gave us more of fight then I had reckoned on. 

When we were twenty minutes into play I looked at the other four games and saw none of us had a material advantage, something I would normally expect to see.  My opponent then unfortunately blundered away his black bishop after move 14.  This made things easy because my knights had room to move on black squares allowing me to wittle material off by swops. Despite this advantage I gave him too much space by playing it too safe and was nearly force to give up my remaining knight for a couple of pawns. 

Paul and Dave’s opponents blocked the board up forcing draws.  I didn’t see much of Andrew’s game but he won continuing his good season.  Atantis should have lost.  He lost a pawn allowing his opponent to have a past pawn in the centre. He managed to swoop a rook and another pawn for a knight and bishop. Both players were now in time trouble.  With space, the extra piece and the game now being one of Speed Chess Atantas proceeded to win (the queens were still on the board). 

We are now in the semifinals and troubl: three of our potential opponents finished 1,2,3 in the Ennis Shield and another won the O’Hanlon Cup.

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