Sam Osborne wins British U16 Chess Championships

Rathmines Chess Club are delighted to report the very great success of Sam Osborne, the new under-16 British Champion. Sam is an official paid-up member of Rathmines Chess Club, although he plays with his school team, St. Benildus, in the Leinster leagues.

All the results and the final cross-table can be viewed on the British Chess Federation website (link below).
British U16 Championships 2008

Note: to convert from BCF ratings to Elo, multiply by 5 and add 1250.

Thus, Sam’s rating was 2060 for the event and he had a 2125 rating performance, with 6/7, consisting of 5 wins and two draws, with no losses. The field comprised players ranging from Elo 1800 to 2145 and the average was around 2000. Sam was only the 7th seed from 24 players entering the event. In short, he managed to win a very competitive and highly-rated event against some of the best young players from across Britain and Ireland.

Well done SAM!

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2 Responses to Sam Osborne wins British U16 Chess Championships

  1. Ah, to be young again is not possible but truly good to see the development and interest by young players who often nip us oldtimers more than we would like.
    Chessically yours,
    Don Reithel (KindredSpirit)

  2. tomo says:

    i know this guy

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