It’s chess, but not as we know it…

As Jack Killane famously says: “Blitz chess is not chess”.

Whether it is chess or not, the format does produce quick thrills and excitement aplenty. The Annual Rathmines Christmas Blitz night, held last Thursday, 18th December 2008, was a success again – thanks to the great organisational skills of the said Jack Killane, who controlled the first section, ably assisted by James Osbourne, controller of the second section. Thanks should also go to the committee for organising the raft of prodigious prizes (outnumbering the contestants in fact!) and the individual members who contributed many bottles of wine, boxes of chocolates, and some excellent chess books.

The winners of the first section, after an indecisive play-off, were Killian Delaney and Mindaugas Janusaitis, both on 9/11. Just behind these two were Tony Scannell and Sam Osbourne on 8.5/11.

In the second section, Atanas Khoutev proved his ability at blitz by winning clear first, followed by John Maher in second, and James Osborne third (on tie-break).

In terms of prizes, Killian took home the bottle of vodka that he had brought himself. Atanas brought home the bottle of Bulgarian ketchup he had brought himself! Surprisingly few people chose wine – opting instead for the biscuits, chocolates, or the well-received books.

Photos: Thanks to Liam King – Click on the images for bigger version.

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