Armstrong B in close contest with Bray

Here’s the scorecard from our Armstrong match Rathmines B vs Bray (10-Feb-09). A superb win for Abul on board one, while Lukasz and Michael also brought home full points. 

Rathmines B vs. Bray/Greystones

1 Abul Kalam 2059 1 – 0 John Joyce 2166
2 David Goggins 1876 0 – 1 Colm Daly 2277
3 Lukasz Goralski 1769 1 – 0 Danny Roberts 1807
4 Michael Kennedy 1796 1 – 0 Pat Reynolds 1929
5 John Burns 1774 0 – 1 Brian Beckett 1884
6 Philip Doyle 1733 0 – 1 Kristof Takacs 1956
7 Peter Lynch 1578 0 – 1 Eric Bennett 1871
8 Graeme Walsh 1620 0 – 1 Brian Gaines 1636
3 – 5

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2 Responses to Armstrong B in close contest with Bray

  1. Lukasz says:

    Abul and Michael – well done! My win was just a good result, but your were great achievements! Michael, that was long expected win:) and really good one.
    When I left the club John was close to a draw, I don’t know what happened…

  2. John Burns says:

    Sadly, I messed it up. I won a pawn, then he sacced a second for compensation that was livelier than I expected. I gave back a pawn, and then walked straight onto a landmine. It was Q+B+2 pawns versus Q+KN+1 pawn, but he was far more active and, crucially, his king was safe.

    Michael’s win was a master class on the white side of the Benko Gambit. He destroyed Reynolds on the queenside and when his opponent opened up on the kingside, he trounced him there as well. Let’s just say I won’t be playing this defence against our captain if I meet him in the club championships!!

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