Article for Kieran, request for submissions

I am going to prepare an article about Kieran Cranny over the next while. He made many contributions to Rathmines Chess Club and to chess life in Ireland in general. If anybody has any stories, anecdotes, or just general reminisces, please send them to me at Everybody has small stories to tell about Kieran’s sense of humour, his welcoming smile, and his general good work for the club. 

Especially welcome are games – please send on any game where Kieran showed his true strength! I welcome contributions from anybody, within RCC or not. Was anybody a member of Sackville Chess Club, where Kieran played before he joined Rathmines, etc? Does anybody remember his first days in Rathmines?

Thanks, Tony.

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One Response to Article for Kieran, request for submissions

  1. Liam D King says:

    ‘Evening, Tony

    I too have been trying to find out a bit about the Sackville Chess Club, so far without success. Now I’m coming to the view that it is not important.

    Kieran came into Rathmines Chess Club in 1967 and gave more than 40 years of loyal and distinguished service to the Club. At the time of his death was not only an officer of the Club; but more importantly an Honorary Member.

    In his heyday Kieran was a very talented player. He told me once that he won an Ennis Shield medal; he was slightly miffed that the LCU allowed the Heidenfeld tropy into the their Leagues ahead of the Ennis Sheild, thus “debasing the currency” as it were.

    I don’t know whether it was with Sackville or Rathmines that he won the medal, but anyway it was before the Heidenfeld was established. You might like to check the archives of the LCU for more accurate data.

    Best regards


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