Leinster Chess Blog

Peter Cafolla has alerted me to the a new site. Jonathan O’Connor has started an interesting blog over at Leinster Chess League Cogitations. He has games, results, and some commentary about chess issues in Ireland & Lenister. Interestingly, he has managed to find a chess replay plugin and it is for the same platform as this Rathmines site. I’ll be looking into adding it here too, in future.

Which reminds me…anybody who wants to see any of their games on this Rathmines club site, just send me an email (scannell_tony@yahoo.co.uk) or attach a comment. PGN and/or Chessbase notation desired, please. Your own comments are especially welcome. I have added games from players whose ratings ranged from 1100 to 2100, so there are NO restrictions that way. An interesting game is all that matters.

It does take some time to add a fully-annotated game, and my time has been very limited for the last 6 months or so, but I will always endeavour to add games of interest.

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