Belgium 2010

Plans for going to Belgium are well advanced. Many people have already booked their 6.50am (yawn!) flights. They’re still incredibly cheap (I checked about 2 days ago) – around 100 euros all inclusive for return flights.

It looks likely that we’ll be booking the Ibis Centrum. It is central, economical, and has plenty of rooms. And Stephan has promised to book us a decent Turkish restaurant for Friday night too.

In order to block book (and attempt to get cheaper rates) I need to know firmer numbers. So far, I know we have Lukasz, Tony, Leon, Peter, Jack, James (plus Stephan himself). I know there are others interested. It is important to please contact me by this FRIDAY, January 15th, 5pm if you want to be included in the bookings. Indicate if you want a single room or are happy to share too, even if you are on the above list. You can either, (i) leave a comment here to say you’re going, (b) text me on 0863419437, or email me on Don’t panic if you cannot decide before Friday – we can always accept more travellers right up until the final few days before the trip itself.

Also, if you have any ideas for activities etc, do let us know. Roughly, the plan is Ghent sight-seeing on Friday, Turkish meal Friday night, brewery visit in Opwijk on Saturday, the main chess event/match/fun, and then beers Saturday night. Sunday is reserved for Bruges. None of the above (aside from the chess) is compulsory, so feel free to go off and do your own thing too. 🙂

Of course, the Irish Times reckons it is bad out there:

More than 1,000 Belgians travelling between Brussels and Ghent were left stranded in an icy train on Thursday evening when heavy snow caused overhead electrical cables to collapse.

I’m fairly confident they’ll have cleared the frozen passengers away by April…gulp.

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4 Responses to Belgium 2010

  1. rathmineschessclub says:

    We definitely have to shop around and be wary of dodgy, rip-off internet sites that claim to get the cheapest deals. I find that contacting the hotel directly is usually the best policy.

  2. Lukasz says:

    Does anybody know why some players’ ratings(mine and few others from Rathmines for example) haven’t been calculated (are still the same) on Jan list??
    The list will be republished, but I guess currently listed players’ ratings won’t be changed.

  3. Michael says:

    Lukasz, the ratings for the league are always calculated when the league is over, so they’ll appear on the May-10 list. Give Mark Orr a shout if you played any other tournaments that should have been calculated.

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