Belgium hotel – Update

Stephan has recommended that people book directly with the hotel, over the hotel’s website, rather than group book. Apparently, group booking is more expensive, rather than less expensive!

You can access their booking forms here: Ibis Centrum, Ghent

I have already booked in for two nights, single room, at about 135 (excluding breakfast). Breakfast is an all-you-can-eat-buffet but is expensive at 14 euro per morning.

For those wanting to book a twin room, to share and keep the expenses down, I suggest that you either contact me about it (and I can try and pair people up) or get directly in contact with someone else you know is travelling and wants to share.

The bottom line is: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BOOKING YOUR OWN ACCOMMODATION!!! The club is merely facilitating the schedule and dates, but cannot be responsible for organising individual flights or rooms, etc. Thanks.

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2 Responses to Belgium hotel – Update

  1. Lukasz says:

    I’ll go for single room

  2. stephan says:

    I know it sounds a bit crazy but group bookings are more expensive because Belgian hotels have to guarantee a refund for no-shows if there’s a group booking and not with individual bookings.

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