Notice to All Club Members

Club members with cars are reminded that there are yellow lines in parts of Grosvenor Road. Recently a visitor was clamped (and it wasn’t me). Should you wish to park on the yellow lines be advised to carry a mobile phone and a credit or debit card to avoid further embrassment, financial cost and possibly a visit to Wapping Street.

Peter Bishop,

Note: Parking on Grosvernor Road is free after 6.30pm on week nights, but can be scarce.

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1 Response to Parking

  1. Noel Lynch says:

    Hello Peter, Just a thought regarding parking. Would it be an idea to approach the Mayor of Dublin or the Minister for Sport to give Chess players a waiver on parking fees. This could be done by the I.C.U. giving clubs special discs or something appropriate to display while we are ‘On call’ ? Anyone who abuses the privilege would have 2 penalty points deducted from his team and 100 from his rating. (Did I miss my calling?!) It is only the germ of an idea-but, if tried it might work. No harm in asking. Regards, Noel.

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