Heidenfeld stumble

Here’s the scorecard for the Heidenfeld match Drogheda vs Rathmines A. The final game was played on Monday.

Drogheda ICU no. Rating Result Rathmines A ICU no. Rating
1 Kieran Rogers 1738 0.5 – 0.5 David Goggins 1817
2 Donal O’Boyle 1725 1 – 0 Michael Kennedy 1838
3 Rick Goetzee 1688 1 – 0 Leon Fagan 1790
4 Pat Coleman 1665 0.5 – 0.5 John Burns 1744
5 Joe Reid 1580 1 – 0 Pat McEvoy 1586
6 Philip Mitchell 1413 1 – 0 Una O’Boyle 1165
7 Alan Dee 1430 1 – W
8 Brendan Corrigan 1382 1 – W
7 – 1

Report from Michael Kennedy:
The original fixture was hit by snow conditions. The only game played during the snow was Burns – and he did well to get a draw when he got himself into a bad French and survived a dangerous attack on his K. The rest of the games were sensibly postponed. The controller was leaning on us for a while to play the game, so last Saturday was selected as the first gap in the calendar. I had one week notice to organise the team. Unfortunately, a bunch of our guys couldn’t make it and had valid excuses.

Goggins was our only other player to score after a theoretical duel with Kieran Rogers in an offbeat Caro-Kann. According to Kieran, the 19 book moves included a knight sac on move 15. I had no idea David was such a bookish player, or maybe he was just OTB inspiration. As for Una, she was playing on her own turf against her brother’s team, but found it tough going against a player rated 300 points higher. Pat lost to a guy with roughly the same rating as himself, so we can’t grumble too much there. In my game, Donal got himself into a bad Scotch 4N’s and lost a couple of pawns. I later turned down his draw offer and with my clock running down I made a mess of it by allowing his rooks to penetrate. He took his chance in clinical fashion. Leon’s game was played in Rathmines last night. He flicked out the Bird, but his opponent reacted calmly and there followed a tight struggle. It resolved into a pure R+Ps ending where Leon was a P down. Unfortunately, the adage that all R endings are drawn didn’t apply. Leon had to play accurately to have a chance. In the end it was an impressive win from Goetzee who seems vastly underrated at 1688.

Going into the final 2 rounds I’d say we still have a chance of finishing second, as Drogheda has a tough match away to a strong Phibsboro team ahead. Our chance of achieving this hinges upon player availability.

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2 Responses to Heidenfeld stumble

  1. David Goggins says:

    Re Drogheda game:

    19 book moves? – I was on my own after move 8! Getting harder to just play chess…

  2. Michael says:

    John Burns actually won his game. So the correct result is 1.5 – 6.5 to Drogheda. Still an absolute hammering!

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