Paul Mogerley memorial – Final results


Team B (5 pts.) Team A (4.5 pts.)
J.Burns 1-0 M.Kennedy
P.McEvoy 0-1 P.Freer
D.Mowlds 0.5-0.5 S.Hall

Team D (5 pts.) Team E (4.5 pts.)
K.Moore* 0-1 J.Crowley
U.O’Boyle 1-0 J.Osborne
R.Wilson 1-0 P.Kavenga **
*subbed by J.Gaffney **subbed by P.O’Brien

Team C (4 pts.) Team F (4 pts.)
J.Burke 0-1 P.Lynch
J.O’Connell 0-5-0.5 J.Flood
J.Lowry O’Reilly 0-1 A.McGrath

Team D: 7
Team B: 6.5
Team F: 6.5
Team A: 6
Team E: 5.5
Team C: 4.5

Therefore,the winners are Ken Moore, Una O’Boyle and Rob Wilson. Congratulations on a close fought win!

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