Liam King

We are saddened to relay the news of the passing away of Liam King, long-time member of the club. Liam’s body was discovered late last week at his home.

Liam was the club’s Auditor for many, many years, a role he fulfilled with honesty, meticulous attention to detail, and efficiency. He worked hard to maintain the club’s traditions, rules, and constitution. He wrote the well-received History page on this web site, which he had extracted from a close reading of the club’s AGM Meeting Minutes, of which he was the careful custodian. He played less regularily over the last few years, but still managed a very good end-of-season contribution to the O’Hanlon Cup team, with a marvellous 3/4, enough to help the team win the league this year.

Out thoughts are with the family and friends of Liam at this time.

I have no news of funeral details yet.

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1 Response to Liam King

  1. Mai Branagan says:

    It was with great sadness that I learned of the death of Liam, R. I. P. About a month ago he sent me greetings and hoped to see me at the A.G.M.
    While Jack kept me informed of his funeral arrangements I was unable to make it on the day and I feel so guilty of not being present with all his friends.
    Liam worked so hard for Rathmines Chess Club on many aspects of the Club, not least the history and when I handed over the records to him a few years ago, for safe keeping, little did I think he would be gone before me. My prayer for him is:

    O Lord, support us all the day long
    until the shades length and the evening comes,
    and the busy world is hushed,
    and the fever of life is over,
    and our work is done.
    Then Lord in thy mercy,
    grant us a safe lodging,
    a holy rest, and peace at the last.

    May you rest in peace, Liam.

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