Olympiad update (Sunday)

Sunday is a rest day. In round 6 Ireland’s women will play the Seychelles. Ireland badly need a win to lift themselves off the bottom of the table, but they’re finding some form with 3.5/8 points in their last two matches. Let’s hope they’re not all “hoarse” on Monday. A delightful photo of Una O’Boyle with Gary Kasparov is on the icu website at http://www.icu.ie/articles/display.php?id=279. I wonder if chess knowledge can be passed by osmosis?

Ireland’s men play Kyrgyzstan, who are all 2300 rated. Ireland have won three of their matches by 4-0 whitewashes, so here’s hoping for another good result. In my report of yesterday, David Fitzsimons was still playing, but he subsequently went on to win. He’s on 2.5/3 now for a great debut on board 4. Ireland lie in 53rd place, well above their pre-tournament ranking of 75th.

The games can be watched live at the official website (or on various other services, but this will cover both the Irish men and women):


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