Armstrong A vs. Bray (corrected)

I don’t have the result card yet, but with 7 games played last night, Rathmines are leading 4-3.  drawing 3.5-3.5 (Peter Cafolla is due to play Colm Daly when the Olympiad is finished.)

Leon and Darren won. Leon had a small edge in a knight + pawn endgame but his experience counted as he entered a K+P endgame with the opposition – a seemingly subtle but actually very convincing winning advantage.

Correction: Darren frayed all our nerves with a time-scramble and very complex middle-game. He was attacking all over the board but it looked to have slightly misfired going into the final stretch. (he did!!) But he managed to pull off a bright rook capture to finish the game. (I’m sure Darren will say he had it planned all along!) The game was drawn! My mistake entirely, I was standing some bit away at the final moment and mistook the shake of hands for a resignation! Wishful thinking…Darren actually offered a draw and it was accepted, because white was very low on time.

Sam, Jack, Tony, and Killian all drew. DJ got into some terminal time trouble against Eric Bennet and was unable to extract himself (at one stage he had about 3.5 mins vs 1 hour for Eric!).
Here’s the scorecard for Armstrong Round 2 match: Bray vs Rathmines A 29-Sep-10:

Bd. Bray ICU# Rating Result Rathmines A ICU# Rating
1 Colm Daly 295 2284 ADJ. Peter Cafolla 159 2031
2 John Joyce 658 2150 0.5 – 0.5 Sam Osborne 6252 2071
3 Seamus Duffy 378 1953 0.5 – 0.5 Killian Delaney 5104 2016
4 Pat Reynolds 1430 1914 0.5 – 0.5 Darren McCabe 5722 1892
5 Eric Bennett 2741 1864 1 – 0 DJ O’Donoghue 5028 1867
6 Peter Igaz 12384 1782 0.5 – 0.5 Tony Scannell 1533 1822
7 Conor O’Driscoll 10792 1738 0 – 1 Leon Fagan 406 1818
8 Brian Gaines 466 1678 0.5 – 0.5 Jack Killane (SUB.) 740 1813
3.5 – 3.5

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1 Response to Armstrong A vs. Bray (corrected)

  1. Darren McCabe says:

    Unfortunately Tony, my Bright Rook Sacrifice wasnt as bright as you thought. I drew the game! When i played the Rook Sac i offered a draw!! Luckily enough my opponent accepted because i was completely losing! The Rook sac confused him. Fritz had me as 4.5 down in the final position.

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