Ennis result

MALAHIDE                                 RATHMINES
1.Anthony Whalley    1563  0.5-0.5  Pat Cosgrove 1478*
2.Tom O’Sullivan     1473  0.5-0.5  Pat Freer    1399
3.John Shearan       1405  0.5-0.5  Thomas Gruel 1373
4.Shay Scott         1265   0-1     John Gaffney 1355
5.Seamus Martin      1249  0.5-0.5  John Maher   1396
6.John Seynaeue  ungraded    0-1    Una OBoyle   1200

*Pat Cosgrove’s rating is from Sept 2007 ICU list.

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1 Response to Ennis result

  1. James Burke says:


    Any information on the openings used?

    As the Ennis B team will be playing them on the 1st Nov, we may get the same opponents.

    The games would be useful to peruse prior to our match!

    Kindest regards,


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