Rathmines Junior Chess Club

Rathmines Chess Club now have a Junior division. James Osborne told me last night that they’ve got a regular set of around 11 players, so it is building up gradually. 

It takes place on a Wednesday night, from 7pm until 8.30pm, in Kenilworth Bowling Club in Grosvenor Square. This venue is not the same as the regular Rathmines club venue, on Grosvenor Road! (note: Nor is the bowling club in Zimbabwe, as incorrectly reported before…!)

The cost is 5 euro per night. First night is free. Chess sets are provided and we will also run some small tournaments with prizes. If anyone would like to join, they can give Maura Osborne a call at 0858452008 or 4929152, or just pop down to the Junior club on Wednesday.

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1 Response to Rathmines Junior Chess Club

  1. leon fagan says:

    all credit for the blossoming success off the Junior club must go to firstly james osbourne and his wife Maura for there brillant running off this club and secondly credit should be given to John Delaney for coming up with this brillant concept.Hopefully we see in the next year or so Johns concept off having junior leagues coming into effect as i think this would be good for all clubs in general.

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