Fischer Movie coming to Dublin

Anyone who’s a fan of Bobby Fischer (and who isn’t) can look forward to a new movie documenting his life:

Showing in the IFI from Friday July 1st.

Thanks John, I got the date wrong.

The correct times are below. How about going to the Friday night show, 9.10pm? I’ll be there anyway – from 8pm approx, in IFI bar – anybody else interested in joining in? We can have pints before & afterwards…Tony

Friday 15 Jul 16:40 21:10          
Saturday 16 Jul 16:40 21:10          
Sunday 17 Jul 16:40 21:10          
Monday 18 Jul 21:10            
Tuesday 19 Jul 16:40 21:10          
Wednesday 20 Jul 21:10            
Thursday 21 Jul 21:10            
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6 Responses to Fischer Movie coming to Dublin

  1. John burns says:

    It actually doesn’t start until Friday, July 15, and runs for just six days
    If a few people were interested in going, we could make a night of it….

  2. Peter Lynch says:

    Sounds interesting. Have you decided on the day/time? A 21:10 start won’t leave much time for pints afterwards, especially if one needs to take a bus!

  3. rathmineschessclub says:

    There’s a bar in the venue. Far be it for me to suggest getting drunk and disorderly before a film :-), but that’d be an option. Let’s say 8pm for pre-cinema drinks in the IFI.

  4. James Osborne says:

    Hi lads, i’ll see you there at 8

  5. john butnd says:

    can’t make it tonight, sadly. Please don’t post any plot spoilers afterwards. I don’t want to know how it ends 🙂

  6. David Goggins says:

    Like chess-related movies? Then check out the really excellent “Knights of the South Bronx” which is being shown on RTE tonight. (Actually, during the early hours of tomorrow morning, but well worth recording).

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