Belgian Success

Rathmines held their season opening event on Saturday. We decided to both open the season and take the opportunity to welcome our guests from Belgium – Stephan, Jan, Kris, and Carlo. Stephan, of course, is an ex-member of Rathmines and much welcome back to the club. We had three teams for the event, but played it out like a large Swiss tournament, with 4 rounds of rapid-play 25 min games. It was a very relaxed and enjoyable occasion. We then retired to Monsoon Indian restaurant for a meal and then drinks in Slattery’s pub.

There will be a blitz event held in the club on Monday night, everyone is welcome! The Belgians will be back and we hope that we’ll get some players back from the City of Dublin tournament to make it competitive.

Michael, our club president, did lots of organising, such as decorating the club in flags and buying gifts for the Belgian players. The event could not have taken place without Michael’s efforts, so many thanks!

Doubtless because of our friendly nature, we (ahem…) let the Belgian’s win! It might have been something to do with their superior ratings and playing ability, but I doubt it. 🙂

But we put up a stern fight, most notable being Jack’s win over Jan in round 3. In  the end Opwijk won with 11/16, followed by Rathmines A on 8 and Rathmines B on 5.

Here’s the winning team of Stephan, Carlo, Kris, and Jan (l-to-r):


Here’s Stephan just before our game in round 2:



Players gathering before the event begins:


Overall best individual was Kris Verhasselt with 3.5/4

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2 Responses to Belgian Success

  1. Carlo Janssens says:

    Many thanks to all the friendly, sympathetic lads from Rathmines chess club! Loved the welcome, the jokes, Ireland and the Irish spirit!

    Beautiful country, nice folks!

    Go raibh maith agait! Tabhair aire duit Fein. Slán go fóill!


  2. Hi guys, thanks for the warm welcome (and for being so kind to let us win …). It was great to see you all once again.
    It will be pretty hard for us to organise your chess visit as well as you did for us. Hope to see you next year in Belgium but I’m afraid we won’t be so kind to let you win.
    By the way, Carlo meant : Go raibh maith agat. About the only thing I remember from my Irish classes and he got it wrong 😦

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