Armstrong finish

The Armstrong is looking poised for an exciting finish. Image

The A team are on top, as they have been for several weeks now, but only by 1.5 points over Phibsboro and Gonzaga. Phibsboro have been steadily creeping up the table and are now making it a three-horse race (even a four-horse race, if Bray/Greystones can get a couple of big results!). It is looking like the A team’s match versus Phibsboro (on 5th March) could have a huge bearing on who wins the title this year. Before that, we have Celbridge to play and we can take nothing for granted. We finish against St. Benildus.

We suffered our first (close) loss on Saturday, to a top-heavy Kilkenny team. Kilkenny were missing several strong players, but welcomed back GM Baburin on board 1. In the end, we lost 4.5 to 3.5, but it could have been a lot better, with Mel fighting all the way in a rook and pawn endgame (albeit that Baburin always had the advantage), Killian losing unexpectedly, and Paul looking OK until time trouble hit.

The B team are in a heck of a fight at the bottom of the table, with probably 6 teams not safe at this time. They won their match against Elm Mount A 4.5 to 3.5, on Monday last, a tremendous result at just the right time. They also play Phibsboro in the last match, which could be critical to both the A team’s chances of winning the title and their own chances of staying up. No pressure then.

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3 Responses to Armstrong finish

  1. John Burns GM says:

    Unfortunately the B team have a tough run-in, finishing with Kilkenny and Phibsboro. It’s going to take a mini-miracle to stay up

  2. shahram nikrow says:

    I think the use of word ” TEAM” is a misnomer ! , Players show up ,play their games and go home that’s it , if there was proper team , players in a team would meet in the club in a later date after a league game and every one would present their games say for 15-20 minutes and show where players went wrong or what should have been played , so others learn something .Having recently played in gonzaga chess competition I was on ICU website where masters games were recorded so I decided to check out a couple of games ,so the 1st game I click on was between killian delaney vs mindaugaus janusitis and as I was fast forwarding the game something caught my eye and went back over it and yep a mate in 3 was missed , move 21 if black had played Qd1+ instead of g6 it would be easy mate , so I think there is still hope for me, lol

  3. rathmineschessclub says:

    It certainly looks like a mate in 3! Was there an error in the game score? I find it hard to believe that both Mindaugas and Killian missed such a simple tactic.

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