Armstrong round 9 underway

I wouldn’t be so pessimistic about the B team’s chances of surviving, after some results from round 9. They managed to win 4.5-3.5 against Elm Mount A, while Elm Mount B lost by 7.5-0.5 to St. Benildus, a potentially very damaging result. The A team play Celbridge on Thursday, where a good result will help the B team’s chances too.

Bray/Greystones only managed a 4-4 draw against Dublin University, which dampens their potential title hopes. Anyone know how Gonzaga fared on Saturday?


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2 Responses to Armstrong round 9 underway

  1. Michael says:

    Well done to the A-team for taking 6.5 points off Celbridge, stretching the lead at the top and giving a boost for the B-team. It’s still touch-and-go for the B-team though: they’re 3 ahead of Celbridge and 2.5 ahead of Elm Mt B, but with much tougher games left against Kilk & Phib.

  2. leon fagan says:

    michael it is still all to play for the b team still have a good chance off staying up and are well capable off picking up a few points in last 2 rounds.Also as stated before i would watch where elm mount b finish.

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