Rathmines Branagan Cup K.O.

Rathmines were knocked out of the Branagan Cup in this evening’s semi-final against Elm Mount.

Bd. ELM MOUNT ICU no. Rating Result RATHMINES ICU no. Rating
1 David Fitzsimons 6236 2258 1 – 0 Mel O Cinnéide 720 2179
2 Zygis Jakubauskas 9277 2039 1 – 0 Darren McCabe 5722 2053
3 Ciaran Quinn 1398 1946 1 – 0 Killian Delaney 5104 2021
4 Gerard MacElligott 1078 1873 0.5 – 0.5 Manuel Gardenes 12997 2131
5 Oliver Dunne 382 1809 1 – 0 Mindaugas Janusaitis 12148 1948
6 Bernard Boyle 3172 1783 0.5 – 0.5 Tomasz Skrzypnik 12360 1890
5 – 1
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8 Responses to Rathmines Branagan Cup K.O.

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  2. shahram nikrow says:

    yes , we were weakened after our civil war ( club championship ) and unable to face external foes properly, that’s why we are getting knocked out cups one after another .

  3. leon fagan says:

    Shahram i think your being a little harsh on the lads they just had a bad night

  4. gerard MacElligott says:

    On the night, the better team won 🙂
    While in the Armstrong Cup match last december Rathmines were the better team !

  5. shahram nikrow says:

    I am not being harsh on anyone , just stating players could be a bit tired as result of playing many matches recently . is club open bank holiday mondays ?

  6. leon fagan says:

    well done to Elm mount and best off luck in the final.Gerry do you know who you are playing yet?

  7. John Ferguson says:

    Hi Leon,

    wrong forum I know,but regarding your frustration in trying to establish a new team in perhaps the ennis rather than the bodley.I was a part of the wicklow team reformed in 2001 and we re started life in the leinster leagues playing in the ennis shield.This was helped by the fact that we had two prominent bray players playing for us which meant,somehow,we didn,t have the get promoted 3 times for the privelage.Surely a precedent set there,leon.


  8. leon fagan says:

    john many thanks for your support but i don’t mind playing bodley.my main point was it may be a little unfair on the opposition if i field my full team in every match.however i may mix things up mid season.there also appears to be a dispute online in relationto time control for this divison and about league been rated if a team fields over 1600 players am awaiting lcu to make a decision on this

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