Kieran Cranny Blitz Grand Prix

Standings after Round 1, 9-Aug-12:

Place Name              Loc  Score
 1-2  Skrzypnik, Tomasz 1890 7.5
      Fagan, Leon       1881 7.5
3 Burns, John       1795 7
 4-5  Goralski, Lukasz  1757 6
      Nikrow, Shahram   1352 6
 6-9  Bermingham, Tony  1819 4
      Gaffney, John     1449 4
      Butler, Tom       1058 4
      Lynch, Peter      1553 4
10-12 Collins, Kevin    1100 3
      Byrne, Ciaran     1231 3
      White, Adrian     1295 3
13 Maher, John       1347 2
14-15 Scott, Kevin      1000 1
      Kennedy, Michael  1799 1
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3 Responses to Kieran Cranny Blitz Grand Prix

  1. leon fagan says:

    a well run competition by michael.Tight at top any number off players can win it.Well done to young shahram a great performance in first 2 nights you had a nice win on second night against me looking forward to playing you next thursday.

  2. shahram nikrow says:

    My brain is telling me , you have left them a bit impressed with your blitz , don’t push your luck , simply don’t show up next thursday , Leon & others will be waiting for revenge & my heart is saying they will kick your ass in future anyway , might as well , get it over it . what to do ?

  3. leon fagan says:

    shahram i’m more than impressed with your play so far and i will be disappointed if you don’t show up on thursday.give yourself some credit and believe in yourself you can beat anybody if you believe in your ability now back to drawing board for me got to get me a plan to beat sir tomasz that polish genius.

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