AGM reminder

The Annual General Meeting of Rathmines Chess Club is to be held at the Club Rooms on Thursday 6th September 2012 at 8pm.
All members are invited to attend.

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16 Responses to AGM reminder

  1. shaharm nikrow says:

    @ Leon , Kilkenny have dropped out of ennis league all together and their position is left empty . may be you can push to get your talented clondalkin chess ninjas to replace them .

  2. leon fagan says:

    not yet shaharm too soon.i want to have a little fun first and also make a point to lcu at the same time.sometimes won must learn to walk before one can run and also i get to fill the trophy cabinet at the same time ha ha

  3. Lukasz says:

    Leon, are there youngsters in your team or older local players?

  4. leon fagan says:

    lukasz the answer to your question is both but it may be a little early too early to play the kids i need to think about that carefully over the name function is to get club up and running and secondly try to win the division.remember success brings success.

  5. shahram nikrow says:

    @ Leon . I was bored so I sent this e-mail to leinster chess union ( hopefully some one will read it )

    As you know kilkenny dropped out of Ennis shield .May be this be a good topic for AGM discussion. Leon fagan has a high rated team available to take their place but instead he has to start his team in division 6 and take several years to get to the league they really belong , Here is a good solution for this problem . Any league except armstrong can allow an extra team if strong enough to enter, so that division will have 13 teams instead of 12 and an extra game will be played during the year as a result , but at the end of the year , 3 teams will be demoted from that division instead of 2 ( with same applying to lower divisions as a knock on effect ) to bring the numbers back to 12 teams but end result will be to raise standard of the divisions and fairness to new clubs and new players .

  6. leon fagan says:

    shahram i would have prefered if you had confered with me before sendng an e-mail.when starting you need also to take into account the amount of active members of a new club so for the first season i prefer to play bodley and build up a player base first before attacking the higher leagues which require more players.Don’t get me wrong i’m gratefully of your support as always but i have a structured plan in place for clondalkin chess club.

  7. John Burns GM says:

    Leon, you sound like Sir Alex Ferguson, what with your youth policy, building up player base, and fretting about not playing the kids too early. Is there a Roman Abramovich type character lurking in the background somewhere?!

  8. shahram nikrow says:

    @ Leon .I did not have a contact number to confer and with time running short I decided to seize the moment rather than follow the rules in order to make history . Any way I got a response from top echelon stating that I had a good idea and in their next meeting they will discuss a mechanism for new teams with strong players to bypass lower divisions in future but it was too late to do anything this year .I am not going to have anything else to do with this matter and shall leave it in your capable hands .However may I suggest you return to rathmines club for leagues this year and see what happens next year while you build your club base .

    @ John burns

    Leon seems to have found access to a large number of kids willing to play chess . my guess is either he has become a school principle or a director of an orphanage .

    @ myself . Blog sites have brought me nothing but trouble ,so I am going to curtail my activities from now

  9. leon fagan says:

    john their is a roman abramovich character in background already and he has put me in charge of team affairs he wants me get get promotion in every division.Also a good chance for me to finish of my trophy collection never won bodley only league i missed out on as kid

  10. Kevin says:

    You can’t have 13 teams in a division; it’d just get silly. You’d have to relegate three, and it’d take years to get the leagues back normal again. You’d also have the problem of some teams knowing what result they need on the last day to win the league/avoid relegation/whatever.

    However, it is farcical that clubs haven’t been pulled up from the lower leagues to fill Kilkenny’s spot. That’s the problem that needs to be solved.

  11. shahram nikrow says:

    @ kevin . It does NOT take years to get leagues back to normal .Lets say a new team was inserted into the heidenfled division , end of the season , 3 teams were relegated from heidenfeld into ennis . ennis will receive the 3 relegated teams from heidenfeld and at the end of SAME season it will relegate 3 . ( 11 + 3 = 14 , 14 – 3 = 11 ) and so will division 4 and 5 . so start of next season all divisions are back to 11 teams ( it’s simple maths ) . If you want to only relegate 2 from divisions it will work the same except the higher division ( armstrong in this example ) will relegate only 1 team and rest will relegate 2 to have 11 start of next season .As for teams knowing the result they need in last round . The final round will be played simultaneous as usual . It does not matter how many teams are in divisions . I clicked on your name and was taken to st benildus site , you are very prolific poster there but I did not see any comments posted by any one . I would need to have 5000 readers to make the same kind of effort

  12. Kevin says:

    So you’re going to relegate three teams in each division? That’s harsh on teams who may be informed shortly before the start of the season that the criterion for survival has changed.

    There’s still no point going ahead with the idea. How do new clubs prove their strength? Can they declare random players and not then play them? Clubs have been known to bring in bangers before. How do you punish someone for falsely declaring players to get inserted into a league above their strength? In addition, your comments appear confused – divisions have 12 teams, not 11, and the Armstrong can’t relegate one and have two promoted into it and stay at 12 teams. I don’t think you’ve particularly thought the idea through.

    If you’ve 13 teams in a division, it’s not possible for all teams to play simultaneously in the last round as per usual. One team will have to have a bye.

    I don’t know what the point of your last comment is tbh.

    Anyway, in no proper league in the world can new clubs parachute straight into, say, the second division. They always start at the bottom and work their way up. Look at Cork City, Derry City, Rangers, Fiorentina, etc, etc.

  13. leon fagan says:

    Kevin i don’t see what the problem is as stated earlier my new club is starting of in the Bodley.I was not looking to get my new club inserted into Ennis and have no interest in playing Ennis yet.As for St Benildus i believe you have 2 clubs in Bodley should be good games between my new club and yours.See you at the finishing line also be advised i’m greedy and want the cup as well as promotion.I believe the bodley is a bigger cup than armstrong also bodley is only league i have never won believe it or not something i intend to remedy.

  14. Kevin says:

    Leon – I’m agreeing with you! I don’t agree with ye being parachuted into, say, a 13-team Ennis; admirably, you’re of the same opinion. By all accounts, ye’re worth a place in it, but I think you’re right on the way you’re looking to grow the club. There’s obviously selfish reasons I’d rather ye weren’t in the Bodley (cos ye’ll hammer us), but I look forward to our games.

    My only problem is that after Kilkenny withdrew from the Ennis, the third-placed teams in the O’Hanlon, BA and Bodley should have been offered promotion to fill the gap. That didn’t happen. But that doesn’t affect ye.

  15. leon fagan says:

    Kevin i think your being a little hard on St benildus i think both your teams will put up a good fight and i have never seen st benildus field a weak team.Remember St benildus have very good junior players who are well coached so i’m not taking any team lightly.There has been a lot of talk about my new club but talk is cheap judge us on our results at end of season.Also a bit of advise there is another big fish entering the bodley as well as us the other club is Ennis club as far as i’m aware.

  16. Kevin says:

    We’ll do ok, but we won’t be challenging your team! We’ve lost our highest-rated player to our O’Hanlon and – as you may know (!) – our players don’t like the one-hour format.

    Is it Kilkenny entering the Bodley? Could make sense; they should have a few decent juniors.

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