New League Season – Round 1 Results

Div. 1 Armstrong, Round 1, 20-Sep-12

Bd. Rathmines B Rating Result Rathmines A Rating
1 James Burke 1721 0 – 1 Killian Delaney 2012
2 Jack Killane 1789 0.5 – 0.5 Manuel Gardenes 2110
3 David Goggins 1737 0.5 – 0.5 Tomasz Skrzypnik 1901
4 Philip Doyle 1633 1 – 0 Abul Kalam 1891
5 Pat McEvoy 1614 1 – 0 John Aherne 1819
6 Paul Higgins 1620 0.5 – 0.5 Michael Kennedy 1773
7 Dee Mowlds (sub) 710 0 – 1 Shahram Nikrow (sub) 1446
8 W – 1 John Maher (sub) 1367
3.5 – 4.5

Div.2 Heidenfeld, Round 1, 22-Sep-12

Bd. Drogheda Rating Result Rathmines Rating
1 Kieran Rogers 1703 0.5 – 0.5 Orial O’Cathail 1540
2 Rick Goetzee 1702 1 – 0 Pat Freer 1368
3 Donal O’Boyle 1619 0.5 – 0.5 John Maher (sub) 1367
4 Pat Coleman 1573 0 – 1 Shahram Nikrow 1446
5 Alan Dee 1570 1 – 0 Tom Butler (sub) 983
6 Joe Reid 1488 1 – 0 Sotirios Papadopoulos (sub) 818
7 Brendan Corrigan 1472 1 – 0 Dee Mowlds (sub) 710
8 Michael Pentony 1468 1 – 0 Ciaran Byrne (sub) 1225
6 – 2
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25 Responses to New League Season – Round 1 Results

  1. shahram nikrow says:

    A quick look at the rathmines heidenfeld away team and I said to myself ” Go into the valley of death the 600 ” . WOW , creme de la creme of heidenfeld have Hide&fled the division and have been promoted to armstrong and I just realize instead of rubbing shoulders with big boys I just got on to the titanic .

  2. John Burns GM says:

    yeah it’s all about you Shahram

  3. shahram nikrow says:

    @ John Burns GM . Thanks for your post , It made me realize that I may have slight delusions of grandeur ,I am going to take immediate steps to remedy that . What do letters GM after your signing in name means ?!!

  4. leon fagan says:

    early days yet shahram i would not look into round 1 to much as you sometimes get strange results also you have to remember their where a lot of names missing.john are you not playing this season?

  5. John Burns GM says:

    GM stands for grandmaster, obviously. Just because FIDE hasn’t gotten around to awarding me the title, doesn’t mean I amn’t one.
    Leon, these Saturday games are killing me. And the Wednesdays don’t suit either. I’m basically offering my servies as a super-sub to anyone who needs a GM on a high board on Monday or Thursday nights

  6. Tristan says:

    Hi John,

    If you are unavailable to play for Rathmines this season, you’d be more than welcome to play for Inchicore. Our home games are (mostly) Thursdays.

  7. shahram nikrow says:

    John burns you can join heidenfeld , 7 out of our next 10 games is monday or thursday . Armstrong division is not as tough as I feared . Computer just finished analyzing my first ever armstrong match and from my 37 moves , 8 were blunders , 12 were mistakes & there were 9 inaccuracies and I still won !!

  8. John Burns GM says:

    i want to play heidenfeld – but my rating is too high. there cannot be more than 150 points difference between board 8 armstrong and board 1 heidenfeld. so that knocks me out.
    Tristan, thank you for the invitation. Perhaps next season (especially if I can’t convince the LCU to stop allowing teams switch their home games to Satudays!)

  9. Tristan says:

    Seems strange that so many Dublin clubs would want to play other Dublin clubs on Saturdays.
    If the 150 rule is stopping you playing on your Heidenfeld team, then it can’t hurt to ask the leagues controller for permission. Saturday games preventing you playing on the Armstrong teams is a very valid reason.

  10. John Burns GM says:

    Good idea, Tristan. I will drop him a line. Thanks

  11. shahram nikrow says:

    I am going to limerick open chess competition in last weekend in october , if any club member needs a lift let me know . Titled players ( IM,GM,WGM ..etc ) get to choose the music we listen to and free popcorn during the journey , other players seatbelt is mandatory

  12. shahram nikrow says:

    I realized this morning that my chess games are like toilet rolls , the nearer it gets to the end , the faster it goes . PS ( this is not a scientific finding )

  13. leon fagan says:

    good to see darrens back

  14. GM John Burns says:

    he’s not – he’s agreeing grandmaster draws over the phone!

  15. shahram nikrow says:

    Score states darren won his game and was not a draw . It would be nice if couple of times of a month interesting games played in the league by rathmines players was posted here

  16. GM John Burns says:

    it would be nice if ANYTHING was posted here..

  17. leon fagan says:

    John rathmines b drew 4-4 all with dun laoighaire on monday night.So far so good for round towers won our first two games and are on 8.5/10 all the action is in the bodley. Credit must be given to manuel and mels gorey team who where well trained and credit for my opponent for getting a draw against me good opening choice by him an opening manuel knows which i have not seen on to play Shankill coached by lukasz the third team coached by a rathmines player should be interesting as they have 2 up and coming kids.By the way fair play to Killian for taking charge of the A team if anybody can turn things around it is young Killian.

  18. shahram nikrow says:

    Things not looking good in armstrong , large gap has developed between the last season champ and current leader , Rathmines B will be fighting to stay in the division . Heidenfeld so far is the amazing story where after top 4 scorers , james , jack , michael & pat left for armstrong and replaced with far,far lower rated players it has scored 14.5 points after 4 rounds same as last years team !! .
    @Leon , could you please post the first 10 moves of your game so we can all see this wonderful strange new opening ?
    @ GM john burns , not to worry it shouldn’t be too long before christmas blitz date would be posted here ( personally I prefer fewer rounds and a 10 minute game rather than lots of 5 minute games and full of blunders ). if you like reading posts on chess club websites just go to st benildus website . posts are coming out in droves with game analysis.

  19. GM John Burns says:

    Shahram, what’s the link to Benildus?
    btw, I am technically available for the Heidenfeld team if my services be needed. afaik i was registered as a Heidenfeld player but haven’t been asked to play as yet.

  20. shahram nikrow says: is their website and we play them next week at homein heidefeld.

    If you are available then talk to adrian or michael ( we have 2 captains in our team ) we will be in relegation fight after NEARLY all the good players ( being diplomatic ) left for armstrong and they just missed relegation last year .The draw is unfair to us as we have to play AWAY at Drogheda , malahide , kilkenny & curragh and a team like phibsoboro never have to leave Dublin !

  21. leon fagan says:

    it seems rathmines always get the toughest draws in relation to the fixtures.It is questionable how one club can get 3 provisional teams away in same season seems a bit unfairAnyway keep the head up shahram and remember on thing when playing against any opposition clobber em good.and start getting some serious points on the of luck for the rest of the season.

  22. shahram nikrow says:

  23. GM John Burns says:

    could somebody please start a new thread on this site!?
    Happy to post up one of my thrilling victories from Kilkenny if anyone wants to see it

  24. rathmineschessclub says:

    Hi John –
    I’ve been swamped at work so kinda left the nurturing of the site to Michael, who probably has enough on his plate too!
    If you send me a game (at my email, u should have it) I can put in onto the site, no problem. In fact, anyone is welcome to annotate a game and I’ll happily put it up. Go on Shahram, you must have at least one game you’re proud of!

  25. shahram nikrow says:

    @ Tony . you would really do that for me !? or is it ?! move by you .will you just put the game up or do I get to paste comments of what I was thinking or what happened as well during the match as well . I also rather post a game where I was least proud and lost if that is ok ?

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