Back in Action

I came back to the club a few years back after what was intended to be a short break that stretched to 20 years! Mostly, it was just as it was back then and probably a lot like it was even 125 years ago. However, there was one noticeable change – technology had somehow managed to infiltrate and Rathmines Chess Club had a web site. And very interesting and relevant it was too. It was mainly down to Tony Scannell’s great efforts and the members owe him a debt a gratitude for the hours he put in and the quality of the work.

Unfortunately, Tony no longer has the time required to administer the site so the baton has been passed to me. Hopefully, I will be able to keep it at the high standard to which you’ve been accustomed. But, patience please, as I’ll undoubtedly need some time to find my feet.

I hope we can have lots of interesting content and plenty of relevant comment and response. So, to help me get this going I’d appreciate suggestions on content or, better still, contributions of content.

Tony Bermingham

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5 Responses to Back in Action

  1. Killian Delaney says:

    Hi Tony,

    I am certain you will go a great job but as you said Tony did a excellent job for the last number of years and for most of that time was the best club website by a mile all thanks to Tony’s hard work. I have a number of games annotated for the website but my charger is fried but I will be down to the club tomorrow and I will have some analysis done on my work comp. I felt the rook and pawn endgame was very interesting despite being a pawn down I am the only one with winning chances!

    I am also wondering about the ncc and branagan cup will Rathmines be putting in teams, if so it might be an idea to see if there is any interest!?

  2. shahram says:

    Hi Tony

    ” Hopefully,I will be able to keep it ( rathmines chess website ) at the high standard to which you’ve been accustomed” ………… I raise my hat to you Tony , you are even funnier than I am .

    Rathmines club championship begins next monday , some members like raimund don’t check the website , It would be a good idea if all members were sent a text to notify them as not miss this great event. I believe the chess society awaits in anticipation as clash of giants occurs and Rathmines armstrong veterans VS Gonzaga chamionship champion ( 2013 ) go head to head , who will prevail ? Only time will tell

  3. rathmineschessclub says:

    Good luck Tony! I am sure you’ll give the site your unique style soon. Thanks for the praise, I’m a sucker for flattery.

    Tony s.

  4. shahram says:

    My life has changed since becoming The gonzaga championship champion 2013 . I literally can not go from one side of rathmines to the other without being stopped several times by people requesting my autograph or tips about being a better chess player and asking me how did I gain about 400 rating points and go from 1140 to my current 1531 in one year . Ok I will tell you , it is part practice with computer or clubmates but part due to chess videos I have been watching on youtube , it is amazing what you can learn from youtube , from cooking to DIY and chess , Here is one of my online chess teachers , a man who calls himself the backyard professor and has lots of chess lessons on line , he doesn’t teach single moves or combinations but teaches you how to think like a chess expert ,alot of people don’t know how to use space or development in chess , this lesson is a great example ( no kidding ) how to take advantage of more space you have over your opponent .

  5. shahram says:

    I have a terrible mental attitude during my chess games , once I win material and have a decisive position, I cease to think and sit back and expect the game to win itself and make one awful move after another .I also don’t have a great stamina either and once get mentally fatigued I may as well be staring at the ceiling than the board , I know this is rathmines website and chance of a decent reply with good suggestions is like winning the lotto but I said why not try !.I hope this comment passes censorship and gets posted and does not share the same faith as it’s predecessors .

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