Impressive Performance by Rathmines Juniors

14 players from Rathmines Juniors headed down to Shannon to play in the Irish Junior Chess Championships. Rathmines Ennis player Scott Mulligan and BEA team members  Michael Higgins, Fiachra Scallan, Eoghan Turner, Liam Coman and Oscar Twomey took part. Also Alex Mulligan, Dierdre Turner, Ciara Scallan, Cillian Scallan, Stephen Higgins, Nikita Koush, Sean Hunter and Leo Norris all members of the junior club, battled it out over six very tough rounds from April 5th to 7th.

In the u12’s Michael Higgins was the clear winner on 5.5pts. Fiachra Scallan finished in joint 3rd with 4.5pts on the leaderboard. Dierdre Turner was the top scoring Girl on 3.5
In u10’s Eoghan Turner was placed third just half a point behind the joint winners. Stephen Higgins also finished on 4.5pts  Alex Mulligan finished on 4pts and Ciara Scallan was the top scoring girl on 4pts. Nikita Koush and Sean Hunter also scored 3.5.  Leo Norris scored an impressive 2 points in his first ever  weekend tournament,
The u14’s was won outright on 6/6 by Conor O’Donnell(Gonzaga). Scott Mulligan scored 3.5 and Liam Coman and Oscar Twomey scored 3pts.
Cillian Scallan represented Rathmines in the u8’s and scored 3points

The previous weekend many of the same players took part in the CHESS FOR ALL, the biggest ever one day junior chess event to take place in Ireland. Over 400 players took part. Rathmines were again very well represented. The sections were divided into 3rd Class primary school players, in which Luke Rock received a merit award. In the 4th Class section Sean Hunter came 1st, Henry Li, 2nd, Eoghan Turner 3rd. In the 5th Class section Fiachra Scallan came third and in the 6th class section Michael Higgins came 1st.

Congratulations to all.

Maura and James can be rightly proud of the achievements of the Juniors.



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2 Responses to Impressive Performance by Rathmines Juniors

  1. Killian says:

    Congratulations guys really impressive.

    The Armstrong team used 3 of the junior players this year and I have to say they all really impressed me with their play. I also played in the Gonzaga tournament recently and got to see a few more of the juniors playing and they impressed me yet again. I hope they keep up the interest as I do believe they are the most talented bunch of kids playing at the moment.

    I dont know how James and Maura do it but they are doing an outstanding job getting the kids interested in chess but I do hope more of the juniors get to play on some of the senior teams for Rathmines next year as they are certainly good enough.

  2. Nick S says:

    Maura James and Sam continue to do an amazing job in developing / encouraging the kids and fostering a love for the game. The encouragement and support from the senior club has also been a big factor this year as well as the juniors continue to get stronger.
    It was very encouraging to see 7 of the juniors play league matches this year, with all seven winning along the way. It’s hard to believe that the oldest of the group are only 13, whilst in our BEA game v Inchicore this year, the combined age of our 5 players was 54 years (we won 3.5 to 1.5).
    There are also another 5 or 6 juniors ready to come through next year who have already played in full weekender tournaments. We had 5 of the top 10 in the u10’s this year, plus last years under 10 winner, who between them only played one league match all year, so the potential is there is they keep playing.

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