5 Rathmines Players Selected for Irish Junior Training Squads


The ICU Junior selection committee have today selected 28 Juniors for national training squads with a view to enhancing the prospects for Irish Juniors in the forthcoming Junior International competitions during 2013. The squads consist of 7 U18 boys, 5 U18 girls,8 U14 mixed and 8 U12 mixed.

Rathmines are delighted to see that 5 of our young players have been included in the squads.

Scott Mulligan (Ennis, rating 1,566) has been selected for the U14 squad, whilst 4 Rathmines players have been selected for the U12 Squad; Michael Higgins (BEA, rating 1,335), Fiachra Scallan (BEA, rating 1,191), Matthew Gallagher (BEA, rating 1,081) and Eoghan Turner (BEA, rating 952).

The Selection of the final teams for the Glorney/Glibert/Robertson/Stokes Cups, which take place this July in Cardiff will be on the basis of the May published ratings.

In 2012, 4 Rathmines payers – Scott Mulligan and Peter Cooke at U14, and Michael Higgins and Fiachra Scallan at u12, played in the Robertson/Stokes cups v England/Scotland Wales, whilst Michael Higgins also represented Ireland at the European U12’s in Prague. Matthew Gallagher also represented Ireland in both the World U10’s in Slovenia and European U10’s in Prague.


Rathmines players at the 2012 Glorney International event in Daventy England, July 2012, versus England, Scotland and Wales. L to R Peter Cooke (u14’s ), Michael Higgins (u12’s), Fiachra Scallan (u12’s), Scott Mulligan (u14’s)

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4 Responses to 5 Rathmines Players Selected for Irish Junior Training Squads

  1. leon fagan says:

    it’s nice too see so many rathmines juniors being considered for the international event.

  2. shahram says:

    With Rathmines short on players for leagues , why not next season fill one of ennis league rathmines teams with kids and play on saturday so it would be convinient (sic) for parents & kids . Anyway if junior team ever really stuck for a player I can sub for them as I can act and behave like an 8 year old anytime .

  3. shahram says:

    I just want to let every one know that after my 2 wins today I am feeling better than I did yesterday when I got a bloody nose ( emotionally ) from playing 2 juniors ( lost one & drew with other ),my only previous experience playing a junior was last summer and I can tell you some of these kids are more dangerous than adults , & you get punished if you just sit back , play fast and don’t make the same effort playing against them as you do against adults. In chess you learn more from your defeats than your victories I think .3 Lessons learned from malahide so far
    1. Underestimate kids at your peril
    2. Rooks are not designed to be fianchettoed like bishops
    3.This one comes from the chinese waiter who gave my lunch today , after mentioning to him that with 1.2 billion people living in china , the only 2 people that I know from china are bruce lee & philosopher confucius , both dead & he says confucius says ( smelly bum tonight gives smelly fingers in the morning ! ) .

  4. shahram says:

    sorry , my mistake , the above should have read ( itchy bum tonight gives smelly fingers in the morning) , English is after all my second language

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