Club Championships 2013 – Final Standings

Congratulations to our new club champions for 2013!

Group A:

1st Philip Doyle 5/6

2nd Killian Delaney 4.5/6

Group B:

1st/2nd Nick Scallan/Andrew McGrath – both on 4/6 – champion to be determined by rapid playoff on 27/5/13

Group C:

1st Kevin Collins 5/6

2nd Paul Byrne 4/6

Group A – Final Standings
Place Name Loc Score Progr. Buch.
1 Doyle, Philip 1633 5 15.5 17
2 Delaney, Killian 2012 4.5 15.5 21
 3-4 Kalam, Abul 1891 4 17 19.5
McEvoy, Pat 1614 4 13.5 17.5
 5-7 Goggins, David 1737 3.5 12.5 19.5
Killane, Jack 1792 3.5 12.5 18
Skrzypnik, Tomasz 1901 3.5 11.5 18
 8-9 Aherne, John 1819 3 10.5 18.5
Hirmer, Raimund 1770 3 9 13.5
10-12 Mulligan, Scott 1656 2.5 12 19
Burke, James 1721 2.5 9.5 17.5
Goralski, Lukasz 1711 2.5 8.5 16
13-14 Bermingham, Tony 1867 2 9 20.5
Nikrow, Shahram 1531 2 5 17
15-16 Kouhtev, Atanas 1453 1.5 5 15.5
Lynch, Peter 1494 1.5 4 17
17 Burns, John 1758 0.5 1 8.5
Group B – Final Standings
Place Name Loc Score Progr. Buch.
 1-2 Scallan, Nick 1246 4 14 16.5
McGrath, Andrew 1115 4 12.5 18
 3-4 O’Connell, John 1288 3.5 16.5 19
Scallan, Fiachra 1180 3.5 12.5 16.5
5 Gaffney, John 1407 3 6 18.5
6 Freer, Pat 1368 2.5 8 18
7 O Conchobhair, Fergus 1353 2 8.5 18.5
8 Byrne, Ciaran 1225 1.5 6 19
Group C – Final Standings
Place Name Loc Score Progr. Buch.
  1 Collins, Kevin 1100 5 17 16.5
  2 Byrne, Paul 730 4 15 20.5
 3-4 Butler, Tom 982 3.5 11 17
Papadopoulos, Sotirios 818 3.5 10 17
  5 Balkanay, Arda 982 3 11.5 18.5
  6 Coman, Liam 711 2.5 11 21
  7 Gallagher, Matthew 997 1.5 3.5 10
  8 Mowlds, Dee 710 1 2 20.5
Group A – Final Cross Table
No Name 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Delaney, Killian   D  5:W 14:D  3:W  6:W  9:D
2 Skrzypnik, Tomasz   D    D 10:W 13:L 12:D  4:W
3 Kalam, Abul 16:W 11:W 12:W  1:L  9:W 13:L
4 Bermingham, Tony  7:W 12:L 13:L 11:W 14:L  2:L
5 Aherne, John    D  1:L 15:W 10:W 13:L 16:D
6 Killane, Jack 12:L  8:W 11:W 14:W  1:L 15:D
7 Hirmer, Raimund  4:L 17:W  9:L 16:D 10:W 11:D
8 Burns, John 13:D  6:L   :   :   :   :
9 Goggins, David 14:L 16:W  7:W 12:W  3:L  1:D
10 Burke, James 17:W 14:D  2:L  5:L  7:L 12:W
11 Goralski, Lukasz 15:W  3:L  6:L  4:L 17:W  7:D
12 Mulligan, Scott  6:W  4:W  3:L  9:L  2:D 10:L
13 Doyle, Philip  8:D 15:D  4:W  2:W  5:W  3:W
14 McEvoy, Pat  9:W 10:D  1:D  6:L  4:W 17:W
15 Nikrow, Shahram 11:L 13:D  5:L 17:L 16:W  6:D
16 Lynch, Peter  3:L  9:L 17:D  7:D 15:L  5:D
17 Kouhtev, Atanas 10:L  7:L 16:D 15:W 11:L 14:L
Group B – Final Cross Table
No Name 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Gaffney, John 5:L 8:L 7:L 2:W 6:W 4:W
2 Freer, Pat 6:D 3:D 5:L 1:L 4:W 7:D
3 O Conchobhair, Fergus 7:D 2:D 4:L 6:W 5:L 8:-
4 O’Connell, John 8:W 5:W 3:W 7:D 2:L 1:L
5 Scallan, Nick 1:W 4:L 2:W 8:D 3:W 6:D
6 Byrne, Ciaran 2:D 7:D 8:L 3:L 1:L 5:D
7 Scallan, Fiachra 3:D 6:D 1:W 4:D 8:D 2:D
8 McGrath, Andrew 4:L 1:W 6:W 5:D 7:D 3:+
Group C – Final Cross Table
No Name 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Collins, Kevin 4:D 7:W 6:W 3:W 5:D 8:W
2 Gallagher, Matthew 7:L 4:D 8:W 5:L  :  :
3 Balkanay, Arda 8:W 6:L 5:W 1:L 7:D 4:D
4 Butler, Tom 1:D 2:D 7:L 8:W 6:W 3:D
5 Papadopoulos, Sotirios 6:L 8:W 3:L 2:W 1:D 7:W
6 Byrne, Paul 5:W 3:W 1:L 7:W 4:L  :W
7 Coman, Liam 2:W 1:L 4:W 6:L 3:D 5:L
8 Mowlds, Dee 3:L 5:L 2:L 4:L  :W 1:L
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8 Responses to Club Championships 2013 – Final Standings

  1. shahram says:

    congratulation to philip doyle for his remarkable achievement , very good , I think he should be the only one getting a board prize , to give board prize to runner ups as well as winners when only 8 players in 2 sections is a bit silly really , I would prefer a bit of chocolate to a piece of wood myself unless the wood represents a major achievement.

    I’ve noticed that when chess players make a major discovery during a game , ie spot blunders or how to win a piece , they would suddenly freeze ( are motionless ) for about 1-2 seconds ,and not only effects players but also those who are watching the game ! , here is proof , in last year club championship, I was playing james osborne and he had just managed to successfully trap & capture my queen and he was way up on material and his queen was about to put her hands around the throat of my king and checkmating my king was not far behind but he had a problem , it was my move and I had a mate in 1 !! , yep , I was going to have him for breakfast before he was going to have me for lunch !.James was busy calculating the best way to finish me off and aware of this freezing phenomenon I sat back and waited to see if it happens in him when the horror of what was to happen would dawn on him, meanwhile some club members came to our table and those who spotted the mate in 1 would freeze followed quickly by looking at me , I gave back a cheshire cat smile to let them know ,so they would relax , Killian was the fastest in spotting it in 2 seconds after arrival , after waiting 10 minutes and my opponent not spotting the mate , I finished it. This freezing is not exclusive to chess , it also effects those whose car has been clamped ( ranelagh is a real hot spot for clampers ). those who see their cars clamped also freeze for couple of seconds before resuming their walk ( at faster rate ), I think I am going to call this freezing phenomenon ……… STAMP ……

    Sharam’s Temporary Arrested Motion Phenomenon

    P.S , ( Transient probably is better than temporary )

  2. David Goggins says:

    All respect is due to Philip for what was an exceptional performance, particularly as there was a quite strong entry in this year’s championship. Maybe he can give me a few tips 🙂

    Pat McEvoy’s result was nearly as impressive. Good to see that the older players can still outscore the young lions.

  3. leon fagan says:

    It’s nice to see philip win the seniors not only is he a very talented player but also one of the few gentlemen of the game.Also from looking at the final table 2 other players also impressed me those being David Goggins and Pat mcevoy.mind you king philip does have a nice ring to it.

  4. shahram says:

    @ Leon , did you know that the country philippines drives it’s name from king philip II ? .Not being able to see the board and win the club championship in senior section is amazing . My own performance has been a bit embarrassing and the reason I believe is that my clubmates due to repeated exposure to me have developed partial immunity to my venom on the chess board.
    Talking about Embarrassment the story below is really embarrassing !

    I believe if thieves tried this in different part of the world , eg: an american barracks , they would have found out that sitting on 20,000 litres of inflammable liquids with armed soldiers around them not a smart thing to do .Long time ago my nephew ( a real comedian )was visiting me from overseas and I was showing him around and we passed by the army barracks in rathmines and we were looking inside it and he turned to me and said uncle ” Is that a horse jockey convention in there?!” lol

    Some guy ,I think alex was his name had setup a few boards at ranelagh triangle last saturday from 10 am – 2 pm and he plans to be there every saturday for the summer , said many years ago he played for Dublin chess club and he is not affiliated to any club and just likes to do this ! so if you are in ranelagh between those hours on saturday you can give him a game . I think I am going to take a break from posting here for a few weeks , CHOW

  5. Lukasz says:

    Congratulations to the winners!
    Thank you to Michael for running the tournament.

  6. shahram says:

    Fide ratings are out for last season but still No fide rating for me :- ( . how many fide rated games do you have to play to get rated ?

  7. shahram says:

    oops ! I was not going to post for a while ( as nothing is happening ) but I forgot , my memory is like a gold fish these days , I also forgot that chance of getting an answer to your question on this website is same as winning the lotto !!

  8. mjdkennedy says:

    Shahram, for a FIDE rating you need a minimum of 9 games against FIDE rated opponents. You have 4 so far with a performance of 1900+. Good work so far, although last night’s result will drag that down a bit.

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