Killane Shield 2013: Round 2 Scorecard

bd. Phibsboro Rating Result Rathmines Rating
1 Herman Wellmer U/G 0 1 Michael Higgins 1301
2 Fergal O Beirne 1509 1 0 Fiachra Scallan 1272
3 Peter Jackson 1324 0.5 0.5 Nick Scallan 1319
4 Michael Tracey 1208 0.5 0.5 Matthew Gallagher 1092
5 Brendan Byrne 1209 0 1 Liam Coman 990
6 Paddy Healy 1079 0 1 Eoghan Turner 952
      2 4    
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7 Responses to Killane Shield 2013: Round 2 Scorecard

  1. leon fagan says:

    a good result,but just looking at the scorecard is phibsboro board 1 not classed as an illegal player as i thought u/g players were considered no higher than a 1250 rating?.

  2. Nick S says:

    He played board 1 all year long in the BEA (Phibsboro won the BEA this year). Michael drew with him in the league. He had an estimated rating of 1,500 in the league. I wasn’t aware than an unrated player had a ceiling of 1,250

  3. Michael says:

    Well done lads – really impressive result against a higher rated team.

    Leon – there was no rule broken. From the LCU Rules 6.8 a):

    3. For players with no ICU or FIDE rating and who have a rating from another
    federation, team captains should endeavour to ascertain the players rating,
    and inform the divisional controller of the players rating and federation
    when returning the match scorecard.
    4. For all other players including unrated players, team captains must
    determine the player’s playing strength and advise the divisional controller
    of the estimated rating to be used to determine board order. The estimated
    rating used in the first match played by the player shall be used for the
    remainder of the season.

  4. shahram says:

    Herman’s Wellner ( misspelled on the site here ) current rating is 992 and rating officer had him rated at 1065 before he started bea division when he played a rated game and drew , I think 1500 came from thin air is just an estimate , Obviously phibsboro made a tactical decision to use him as sacrificial lamb on top board to improve chances on other boards , I think in tournaments your latest live rating should be used.

  5. shahram says:

    Looks like galway are having a fide rated rapid game next month , but they forgot to mention how many rounds ?!! . I like rapid games and I think alot more juniors would be attracted to rapid games than long games , wish we had a rapid league and also there is greatly reduced chance of cheating during the game. Rathmines rapid does have a nice ring to it , not to worry we have bigger problems at the club , the biggest being is how to turn off the radiator during warm summer nights !!

  6. shahram says:

    OH , NO !!! . Leinster blog has been discontinued , it was entertaining to watch fruitcakes having a go at each other , hopefully a replacement is brought in quickly , perhaps rathmines website can be used to host a chess forum as a replacement ?. Saw adrian today , said playing alot of sport these days but has not quit chess and will be back .I was shocked to be called to play in celbridge next week after my last dismal performance , guess travelling distance has put off some of the players from going, celbridge don’t seem to have brought in the same kick ass team they had for heidenfeld for the branagan competition .

    In other news ,after playing against several juniors in recent tournaments , in order to understand them better decided to read a few children’s book on line since as a kid I’ve read different stories than here ,due to geographical location , I found the story of Jack and beanstalk shocking !! . Jack lives alone with his mom and they are poor and his mom sends him to sell the cow to get some money and jack decided to trade the cow for a few beans from a guy who could have easily been a conman , which showed jack was irresponsible& stupid and did not care if his mother starved to dead, then he goes up the beanstalk and STEALS the gold laying hen from a giant who lives up in the clouds and has no contact with his people which makes him a THIEF , then when the giant chases him to get his hen back ( wouldn’t you chase a thief ?) he cuts the beanstalk and MURDERS the giant , what I like to know is that how an irresponsible, stupid ,murdering thief becomes a hero in children’s book ?!!!.

  7. shahram says:

    Going to celbridge today to play , had to get some one to cover me for last 30 minutes so that I can leave early due to distance to venue , It would be nice if there was a table for the cup competitions so we could see what our position is , leinster website is going down the drain , not getting updated and now that they lost their entertaining blog , their website of little use . With some clubs closing over summer I think rathmines should open once a week instead of twice as attendance is poor during summer .

    It was inappropriate of me talking about jack and magic beanstalk here and I am going to suspend myself for 3 weeks from posting here as a result , all I have to say is that I am disappointed with some of the stories ! . When I read goldilocks ( yet another thief ) who broke into a house and ate the bears food and then decided to take a nap at the site of her crime , I said to myself that must be the dumbest girl but then I came across red riding hood , Oh man she is really dumb , There is a big hairy wolf lying in bed instead of her grandmother and she is in the same room and she can’t tell that is not her grandmother and has to ask several questions to find out??!! , I would have had a different ending to that story , I would have had the wolf eat red riding hood and his last words to her would have been ” you should have gone to specsavers ! )

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