Paul Mogerley Summer Team Tournament 2013

To be held over 4 Mondays starting 17th June.
Each team will have 3 members,1 senior,1 intermediate and 1 junior level.
Teams will be of roughly equal aggregate strength.
Postponements to be played on the following Thursday.
A player missing a round may be substituted by one of roughly equal strength.
All moves 90 mins. per player.
Games are not graded but will be entered in the Ladder Competition.
There is no entrance fee.
The winning team will receive trophies.
Contact John Maher 087 7703427 in advance if possible.
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9 Responses to Paul Mogerley Summer Team Tournament 2013

  1. Dragan Glas says:


    Count me in!

    Kindest regards,


  2. shahram says:

    Count me out ! , I am too exhausted to be able to play and feel like I’ve fallen into a crevasse!, yet more trophies are going to be given out for another intra-club competition, a prize of eddie rocket combo meal is much better I think .
    On there is a chess coach advertising under the name of roundtower and I thought it was Leon but looks like some one from gonzaga.
    Rathmines juniors did very well against elmount ( surprised no one has made a song & dance about it ),hopefully can get few of them for next season , that’s why I suggested pack them into one of ennis teams and play on saturdays to make it easy on kids and parents , also MENSA are running IQ tests in ballsbridge next month , you should send some of your prodigies & killian there to get checked out and I think I am going to go for it just to see what level of damage my brain has suffered over years ,a very long time ago I took the IQ test which I did well ( not going to tell you the result as I don’t like showing off !) , but those days the talk in town was who is going to invade us first , the russians or the martians ?!

    Bray rapid looks like going to be the only competition I go for this summer unless Dunlaghoire run a rapid again , sorry @ a clubmate but going to galway rapid and coming back same evening is too much for me and I probably will drive into a ditch on the way back.

  3. leon fagan says:

    what’s this shahram somebody from gonzaga trying to steal our name i must look into’s a good job round towers like gonzaga.I wonder who in gonzaga is using our club name as a coaching advertisement.I suppose i should take it as a complement seems we are being reckonised who knows if this coach is good it may work in our favour interesting..

  4. Killian Delaney says:

    Roundtower = David Murray

    If you are thinking of getting coaching you could do allot worse than Dave, hes a strong player and would have a number of years experience coaching kids in Gonzaga and in other schools all over Dublin.

    I wont be attending the IQ tests, I bet I am far from a genius and I dont really see the purpose of going!

  5. leon fagan says:

    killian thanks for finding out which gonzaga player was roundtower.I wonder why David is using our club name?.Anyway i agree David is a good coach but i should charge him royalitys for using our name.

  6. Killian Delaney says:

    That has been Davids online handle for along time way longer than Round Towers have been a club!

  7. leon fagan says:

    killian thanks for the update by the way i was only joking about the royalitys part and for what is worth i like david murray and gonzaga chess club i was just curise as to how david settled on this name for his online handle.By the way Killian best of luck in league next season and make sure you win

  8. GM John Burns says:

    Leon, I am finished with the Semi-Slav book (with all chess books, in fact). I’d like you to have it back. Will I put it in an envelope with your name on it and drop it down to the chess club? You could pick it up at your leisure

  9. leon fagan says:

    thanks John hopefully it was of some interest to you.will pick it up soon.

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