Andrew McGrath: Rathmines Intermediate Club Champion 2013

Congratulations to Andrew McGrath on winning the Rathmines Intermediate Club Championships, after an exciting play-off with Nick Scallan.  In the regular event both finished tied on 4/6.  They played off in rapid and blitz games for the title and the right to play in the senior section next year.  The rapid games were tied, but Andrew won the blitz games to secure the title.

This is some achievement for Andrew, who won the Junior Section last year.  He’s continued to improve since then and amply demonstrated that he’s a much better blitz player than he gives himself credit for.

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7 Responses to Andrew McGrath: Rathmines Intermediate Club Champion 2013

  1. Nick S says:

    Well done to Andrew on a deserved victory. He played very well throughout the whole competition and was very calm and solid even with so little time in the Blitz.

  2. leon fagan says:

    unlucky nick but you could not have lost to a nicer player.i have seen andrews progress over the last 2 years and he has worked hard on his all round game and is much improved.A new challenge for you next year andrew all you have to do is win the seniors.

  3. David Goggins says:

    Congratulations Andrew. See you in the Seniors next year.

  4. shahram says:

    Guys I have never seen andrew around here , best to ring him to congratulate him .Nick’s rating is shooting up ,may be he can set himself a challenge of getting over 1500 rating by the end of next league season and play in the senior section next year as well ?.

    @ Leon . I am getting jealous , can you say some nice stuff about me chess improvement too ? .You can mention me winning gonzaga championship section this year or the fact that the league season before last I was stuck on board 4 in BEA and could not sit on board 1 because I was over 150 points below my teammate on board 1 and now none of my former teammates can sit above me because of the same rule ? waiting impatiently to hear from you . TIA ( thanks in advcance ) Leon

  5. leon fagan says:

    ok shahram as your feeling a little left out i will comment on your chess playing style.I think when you are on form you can beat anybody as your results show this for example you come up with some nice tactical novelitys see game v peter lynch.However to get to the 2000 mark which your well capable of you need to cut out the silly errors from your game as i have seen you throw away some games when you were in a good position.Shahram lets see you try and win the senior section next year.

  6. Nick S says:

    Your rating has been consistently rising these past 18 months and you have had some very strong performances in weekenders, with malahide last year and Gonzaga is year standing out.
    I think this year you have the ability to pick up another major weekender, such as the 1200 1800 section in Galway, or the 3rd section in Kilkenny which I think is about 1600 to 1900
    Given its the summertime and it’s the time to look forward to next year, what weekenders are you going to aim at?, and where to you realistically hope to see your rating this time next year?
    Gonzaga this year was a very good event for the club this year. We had first and second in the middle section with yourself and Paul H, whilst Arda and Eoghan came joint first in the u1200. The top section clashed with an Armstrong match which impacted our strongest players playing

  7. shahram says:

    @ Nick .I do better in weekenders , during the week I work in an office til 7 pm and feel fatigued even before game started and lost many games from winning position.I think I’ll be cutting down big time on weekenders if outside Dublin due to travel & hassle , I may go to this world mini games rapid & blitz competition in cork end of august and play in city tournament in september & perhaps gonzaga after that .I see you & your son rating is doing well .I saw your son’s name in limerick tournament but not yours !!. It is hard to judge where any one’s rating will end up by next summer I am hoping I’ll be in 1700’s club ( lots of them in our club ) I have unfairly been given a k factor of 24 and no bonus points so my rating will changes slowly( good protection if I do badly in a competition ) .I am not going get obsessed about my rating anyway , just do the best.My guess is you will be playing in ennis and will have much tougher opponents next year . hopefully we will have numbers to field good teams next season.Best way to learn chess in our age group is to use chess data base like and a computer but I get bored very quickly If i try to train and just want to play blitz on line instead.

    @ Leon . I didn’t know that I had tactical novelties , thanks

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