Paul Mogerley Memorial Tournament

The Paul Mogerley summer team tournament is now underway with 8 teams each of 3 players, one senior, one intermediate and one junior. Round 1 was played in the week beginning June 17 and the results are below. 

Tony Bermingham 1-0 Michael Kennedy
David Goggins 1-0 Paul Higgins
James Burke 1-0 John Maher (sub)
Philip Doyle draw Scott Mulligan
JohnCorcoran 1-0 Atanis Kouhtev
Pat Freer draw Ciaran Byrne
John O’Connell 0-1 Andrew McGrath
Michael Higgins 1-0 Joe Flood
Kevin Collins 1-0 Eoin Connolly
Tom Burke 1-0 Stephen Higgins
Dee Mowlds 1-0 Silvia Eze
Johannah Lowry O’Reilly draw Sotirios Papadopoulos
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1 Response to Paul Mogerley Memorial Tournament

  1. shahram says:

    I am not keen on playing in this competition and did not want to enter it & only played last week because the club was stuck and I am such an amazing guy that I am always trying to accommodate others , don’t like the format , a 5 round open competition giving lower rated player a chance to play higher rated player would have been better . I was planning to hibernate for the summer , recharge my batteries and was not interested playing long games til september . me me me me me

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