Club Champs Lead The Way in Paul Mogerley

The current senior, intermediate and junior club champions, Philip Doyle, Andrew McGrath and Kevin Collins, as Team E, lead the way after 3 rounds of the Paul Mogerley Memorial Summer Team Tournament. Postponements to be played this Thursday with Round 4 on  Monday next.

Team D 4.5 points Team E 4.5 points
James Burke 0-1 Philip Doyle
Atanis Kouhtev 0-1 Andrew McGrath
Sotirios Papadopoulos postp. Kevin Collins
Team A 3.5 points Team F 2.5 points
Tony Bermingham postp. Jack Killane (sub)
Ciaran Byrne 1-0 Adrian White
Dee Mowlds 0-1 Eoin Connolly
Team B 3 points Team G 3.5 points
David Goggins 1-0 Shahram Nikrow
Joe Flood postp. John Corcoran
Tom Butler 1-0 Teodor Radu
Team H 1 point Team C 1.5 points
Paul Higgins postp. Michael Kennedy
Michael Higgins 0-1 Pat Freer
Stephen Higgins 1-0 Silvia Eze
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2 Responses to Club Champs Lead The Way in Paul Mogerley

  1. Dragan Glas says:


    I won’t be available for the last round – sorry.

    Kindest regards,


  2. shahram says:

    If james can’t play in the last round and club is stuck ,I can play 2 tables at the same time , no problems

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