Philip, Andrew and Kevin Win Team Event

Scoring 1.5 points in the final round, the winning team in the Paul Mogerley Memorial was Philip Doyle, Andrew McGrath and Kevin Collins (Team E). The team of club champs scored 8.5 and finished with one point to spare over Team B with Teams A and D  a further half point back.

Congratulation to the winning team and great to see a big turn-out for the event. As always, everything ran smoothly thanks to expert handling of John Maher.

Final round results were as follow:

  Team E 7 points   Team A 5.5 points  
White Philip Doyle draw Tony Bermingham Black
Black Andrew McGrath 0-1 Ciaran Byrne White
White Kevin Collins 1-0 Dee Mowlds Black
  Team D 5 points   Team B 5.5 points  
White James Burke 0-1 David Goggins Black
Black Atanis Kouhtev draw Joe Flood White
White Sotirios Papadopoulos draw Tom Butler Black
  Team C 3 points   Team G 4 points  
White Michael Kennedy 1-0 Shahram Nikrow Black
Black Pat Freer draw John Corcoran White
White Silvia Eze 0-1 Paul Byrne Black
  Team F 3.5 points   Team H 2.5 point  
White Scott Mulligan draw Paul Higgins Black
Black John Maher (sub) 1-0 Michael Higgins White
White Eoin Connolly 1-0 Stephen Higgins Black
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2 Responses to Philip, Andrew and Kevin Win Team Event

  1. leon fagan says:

    well done to the winners this year.However in saying that it must be the first time any team led by David goggins has not won this event as David is an expert at winning this event.A bit unlucky David but never mind always next year.

  2. David Goggins says:

    Congratulations to Philip, Andrew and Kevin. No doubt that the best team won. Recognition is due to John Maher for his excellent handling of this event. Roll on next year.

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