Heidenfeld Round 1 – Rathmines A v B, 23-Sep-13

Here’s the scorecard from Heidenfeld Round 1 – Rathmines A v B, 23-Sep-13:

Bd Player ICU no Rating Result Player ICU no Rating
1 Michael Kennedy (sub) 3955 1755 1 – 0 Scott Mulligan 12327 1634
2 Abul Kalam 16042 1858 0.5 – 0.5 Tony Berrmingham 60 1737
3 David Goggins 497 1767 0.5 – 0.5 Tony Scannell (sub) 1533 1765
4 John Aherne 9 1766 0 – 1 James Burke 1819 1677
5 Philip Doyle (sub) 367 1737 0.5 – 0.5 Paul Higgins 600 1657
6 Jack Killane 740 1789 0.5 – 0.5 Paul Greenan 513 1724
7 Pat McEvoy 10307 1708 1 – 0 Michael Higgins 12740 1461
8 Atanas Kouhtev (sub) 5571 1303 0 – 1 Ciaran Byrne (sub) 2314 1237
        4 – 4      
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6 Responses to Heidenfeld Round 1 – Rathmines A v B, 23-Sep-13

  1. leon fagan says:

    an interesting result but both teams have a lot of work to do to ensure a double promotion.

  2. David Goggins says:

    To win promotion we really need to get our strongest teams out as often as possible. It was the failure to do so last year that cost us our place in the Armstrong.

  3. shahram says:

    What’s interesting is that players whose surname starts with letter K ( 4 players ) went into A team and any one whose surname started with letter B or had matching first name went into team B ! .Phibsboro might have a thing to say about our double promotion chances . I was offered a good position in heidenfeld ( within 150 point rule ) for the rest of the season but decided to go down with the team I played in last season in a gallant act .What worries me about the above results is the number of subs that had to be drafted in. I would be available to sub if needed

    P.S . It would be nice if someone removed the 2011/2012 league tab from website and updated the member’s rating section .

  4. leon fagan says:

    Shahram why would you want to remove the 2011/2012 league tab?.This is the year rathmines where very successful.

  5. shahram says:

    @ Leon . The tab only contains names of players in the 2 armstrong teams and nothing else ,

    going to ICU’s AGM tomorrow to play in blitz championship , you going ?.I need advice , should I leave straight after competition or should I stay for agm ? will it be toxic atmosphere ? if I stay , how long will it take ? Who should I vote for ? I don’t who the good guys are .

  6. leon fagan says:

    shahram if i was you i would only play blitz tournament the icu’s agm tend to be long and sometimes there is a toxic atmosphere.i have a priory commitment tomorrow so i wouldn’t be going to the blitz competition.

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