BEA Round 1, Rathmines A vs Rathmines B, 30-Sep-13

Here’s the scorecard from BEA Division 5, Rathmines A vs Rathmines B, played 30-Sep-13:

Bd Player ICU no Rating Result Player ICU no Rating
1 Kevin Collins 12858 1142 0 – 1 Matthew Gallagher 13031 1205
2 Pat O’Brien 12057 1130 1 – 0 Eoin Connolly 13373 1114
3 Arda Balkanay 13124 1071 0 – 1 Liam Coman 12748 957
4 Sotirios Papadopoulos 10958 978 0 – 1 Henry Li 13498 1158
5 Paul Byrne 13425 963 0 – 1 Mustakim Ul Haque (sub) 13525 1107
1 – 4
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20 Responses to BEA Round 1, Rathmines A vs Rathmines B, 30-Sep-13

  1. leon fagan says:

    a good result for the b team just to let you guys know gorey where beaten 3.5-to 1.5 by naoimh barrog so you have a chance to beat them in next round.they are weak on bottom boards.cannot wait for our visit to rathmines in new year.i will think about weather to play matthew or eoin should be good game and i promise to bring a strong side.

  2. shahram says:

    @ Leon , It’s obvious you are going to bring a strong side to rathmines, you have 6 rated players , lowest rated 1341.
    You missed a very entertaining ICU, AGM on sunday , it started AT 3 pm and I left around 8:30 pm after 5 1/2 hours and it was still going ! , sitting in the room felt like sitting on the set of ( one flew over the cuckoo’s nest movie with jack nicholson ) in real life but more comical & more insane and much louder !!. I just sat back and enjoyed the entertainment and only spoke at the very end against kevin o’flaherty silly motion of letting up to 25 people who are rated below 1800 to enter senior irish championship .

  3. shahram says:

    funny read from bally-something website about ICU meeting , having said that I doubt to go to anymore ICU meetings as it can’t top what happened last weekend

  4. shahram says:

    BTW , congratulations to Killian for becoming the new irish blitz champion , he left the club so he could play in armstrong but he is playing board 4 of gonzaga which is very little difference than playing board 1 of heidenfeld in terms of opponent strength ! .

  5. leon fagan says:

    actually shahram your slight incorrect in your first statement.I have six rated players that you know of and possible another 3 you have not seen yet.Also if things are going well i may introduce some juniors it depends but the main things is i’m looking forward to my trip to rathmines.A nice result for killian boy but he is good at blitz.

  6. shahram says:

    @ Leon , just looked at your club’s facebook photo’s , you’ve got a nice neat room for your club.if you can get more people in your club then you can create a new team for bodley perhaps . I think it was a mistake to call your club roundtowers , if someone searching ICU website looking for local club they’ll be looking for clondalkin chess club and NOT roundtowers .

  7. leon fagan says:

    shahram if you know anything about history you will know the round tower is in clondalkin also it is nice to be different.but you are correct about getting more than one team time will tell but all is looking good as i have gotten a few queries and we also receive some surprise is nice to see the rathmines b team getting a good start should be an interesting game between them and us in new year.see you guys at the finish line.

  8. shahram says:

    Rathmines B team is made up of kids aged 16 or below ,

  9. shahram says:

    Just let you guys know eoin connolly is available as sub for future and he did well in galway as I predicted and his rating is up to 1382 . In 1st match rathmines A vs B , the 3 players rated under 1500 should have been put in rathmines B to give the A team a good start , james burke and paul higgins are good reliable players with good attendance record and should’ve been in the A team and you wouldn’t have needed subs like me and john gaffney for tomorrow .

  10. shahram says:

    Inchicore were missing 4 starting players from kilkenny match due to distance , expect much stronger team on thursday , tallaght have merged with inchicore

  11. shahram says:

    Guys ( Rathmines A heidenfeld ) ,woke up with flu this morning, fever and sneezing good bit , please have my table separate or at least don’t put me in the middle as I arrive late ,if you have a decent player to replace me let me know it would be great , but I don’t let people down , so I am coming unless I hear from you. Last winter I was in inchicore and they had no heating on , so don’t forget your warm clothes .

  12. leon fagan says:

    what was the final score in your match with inchicore?.not a bad venue i’m glad i visited.

  13. David Goggins says:

    Rathmines A beat Inchicore 5.5 – 2.5 (Shahram won his game). This is quite a nice venue, although I cannot say what it is like in Winter. Much happier playing here rather than having to travel to the ends of the Pale, where most other Heidenfeld clubs are located.

  14. leon fagan says:

    a good result david taking into account inchicore have a strong team since tallaght merged with them.was watching some of your game on thursday.i think you guys need to beat drogheda to win the league they look like the form team but too early to say.

  15. shahram says:

    Elm mount are our strongest challenger for promotion I think, look at their team ,It is important to bring out strong players for every board .As I predicted I was going to be put into Rathmines B heidenfeld but this time managed to argue successfully to go into ennis and one of reasons I gave was to sub , In order to promote you either need good reliable players who turn up nearly all the time or good subs to replace them. a point earned on board 8 is as important as one earned on board 1.

    As for inchicore , there was no heating but it is still autumn so it was not bad , I had a fever which kept me warm anyway.Strange thing happened was , we all started same time and after a while I looked at my clock ( analogue ) and noticed 20 minutes combined time ( me + opponent ) has passed , john gaffney to my left has combined 30 minutes and jack to my right had 40 minutes gone ! so i thought I may be hallucinating due to fever but after washing my face with cold water realized that was not the case and my clock was not moving and needed winding which my opponent obliged and jack’s clock was faulty and both players clock hands were moving regardless which side you pressed down ! and john gaffney was the one that was working normal .

    As for my game , I was playing white and it was a sicilian defence , my opponent ( tristan ) offered me a poison pawn but known to him I have swallowed so many poisoned pawns in the past tournaments I hve build up partial immunity to them and managed to win.

  16. shahram says:

    Last sentence above should finish ( managed to win after taking the poisoned pawn ) .I am still sick , Hopefully the heater in the rathmines club is working for this thursday match.

  17. shahram says:

    I strongly believe Elm mount is going to be one of the teams that is going to be promoted to armstrong if they can maintain current team for the season and putting their chances of winning heidenfeld at %71 !!.

    Inchicore do have a spacious venue with decent chairs and tables . I had my chicken soup & limpsip , going to bed . nite

  18. Nick S says:

    How did you get on v Ballinaloe today in the BEA? our B team drew with Manuels Gorey squad this afternoon
    Our Heidenfeld B team beat Phibsboro 4.5 3.5 on Thursday night.

  19. leon fagan says:

    nick we have not played yet our first game is on wednesday away to bray and we play ballinalsoe next at home on the 2 of november.will let you know our results after we have played,A very good result against gorey only got the result last night seems we have some catching up to do.if the b team can keep getting results like this one they have a real chance of promotion.Beware of skerries they have a good squad but our very rusty from what i heard.I will give you guys some info on opposition teams when we play them and advise you on their playing style.Best of luck in remaining rounds.

  20. shahram says:

    Fixtures and tables are listed below nick , click on link below

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