Shane Hall Memorial Tournament

A tournament in memory of Shane Hall was held from Friday October 4th to Monday October 7th 2013 in the Maples Hotel in Glasnevin. Shane was a member of Rathmines CC for many years but sadly he died last year. Thanks to Philip Doyle for the full detail of the results and the set of photographs.



In the heat of battle, Philip Doyle, Steve Hilton, Bill Armstrong, Eamonn Casey

Open Section:
Twelve entries, Six round Swiss competition.

Results and Final standings,
1st  Ernie McElroy (Royal Lopez), 4.5/6, outright winner.
Joint 2nd and 3rd,
Phillip Doyle (Rathmines),4/6
Steve Hilton (Scotland), 4/6
4th and  5th,
Bill Armstrong (England), 3.5/6,
Stan Lovell (England), 3.5/6.    
6th to 8th,
Les Whittle (England), 3/6,
Sean Loftus (Elm Mount), 3/6, Grading prize.
Michael Delaney (Phibsboro), 3/6.
9th and 10th,
John Maher (Rathmines), 2.5/6
Eamonn Casey (Mullingar), 2.5/6.
11th Joe McAloon (no club), 1.5/6.
12th Mahendra Galani (Austria), 1/6.

Minor section results and final standings.
Six entries all play all competition.
1st. place John Carroll (Naomh Barrog), 5/5 outright winner.
2nd.  Tony Murray (no club), 4/5 second place.
3rd.  Michael Meany (Limerick), 2.5/5
4th. Dee Mowlds (Rathmines), 2/5, grading prize.
5th  Ann Casey (no club), 1/5.
6th  Stan Lightowler (Northern Ireland), 0.5/5.


At the prizegiving Eamonn Casey, John Hall,Ernie McElroy

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19 Responses to Shane Hall Memorial Tournament

  1. shahram says:

    What was score of Rathmines B vs Drogheda ? . With my infinite wisdom and great perception of situation after only first round of leagues I predicted elm mount is going to be one of the teams promoted to armstrong next year and drogheda and malahide are likely challengers to rathmines for the remaining promotion place .

    As for blind players games should have a minimum 30 seconds increments , it is very hard to play blitz situation as the game between john gaffeny and his opponent almost came down to .

  2. shahram says:

    There should be score result tab on this website like a few other chess site . Leinster league some times take 2 weeks to update results .One thing which baffles me is that after a league match I expect due to mental fatigue I’ll be going to bed early and instead opposite happens and go to bed at least 1 hour later than usual !.

  3. Nick S says:

    Rathmines B 5 Drogheda 3 in Heidenfeld.
    Also in Bodley rathmines 4 Phibsboro 1
    I didn’t hear the final score in BEA v Gorey

  4. leon fagan says:

    nick gorey beat rathmines a 4.5 to 0.5 as i was talking to manuel last night.Also round towers beat ballinasloe 4-1 last after two rounds played it puts us a half point clear of did rathmines b get on against dublin in bea?

  5. Nick S says:

    the B team are leading 3:1 with Eoin playing his match tomorrow night down in the club. Nice win for round towers again.

  6. leon fagan says:

    nick seems rathmines b are on a nice run will be an interesting game between us in the new year.rathmines b have a very good chance of promotion if you can keep this form up.however you need to be wary of one of 2 other teams other than us.

  7. shahram says:

    @ nick . thanks for info this is good news , Rathmines B have done themselves and the A team a good favour. Drogheda & malahide are the main competition for promotion and they have decided to leave couple of decent players in their division 3 teams , which leaves them weak in their bottom boards in heidenfeld .

    @ leon . if skerries can bring out team that played last round for the rest of season then they and your team will get promoted . I see you have monika in your team ,she is the strongest female player in ireland, it is a shame a system for wild card entry in higher division does not exists where new teams can compete in and talented high rated players have to start in division 6 .

  8. shahram says:

    btw , nick you guys are going to aer lingus in 2 weeks time and if you are sitting on board 1 you may meet mr valentine kalinins rated 2207 !! . I don’t know why he joined aer lingus , my guess is that he has moved to the area and was asked to play their home games .I actually beat valentine in malahide last year but then he was rated 1750 . It was an interesting game I was a pawn down and about to lose another and was about to shake hands and resign and then I remembered that earlier mindagaus ( leon’s clubmate ) asked me if i can give him a lift to town after the game , so went over and saw he was still playing but near the end , so went back to my game and said to myself let’s do silly stuff , so next i sacrificed a rook for a knight followed by more aggressive moves and valentine did not respond accurately and 10 moves later I got a passed pawn to queen and valentine was very impressed with me and thought it was pre planned but it was a fluke .Valentine is a bright guy who worked as a night security guard in a warehouse and spent 40 hours a week training chess while on the job ( great job ) that’s why he is so strong now . thankfully my team does not play aer lingus til next march and it is at home which makes it unlikely I will play against him , phew .

  9. leon fagan says:

    shahram you are correct valentine moved house and lives in rush as aer lingus club would be a logical club for him to play for.Also he is very talented player and a very nice person originally from latvia i think.

  10. shahram says:

    Leon .There must be more to it than that , Malahide is closer to rush than aer lingus and also in higher division.Valentine is a great guy & kind of guy you like to see become a champion .Geraldine in aer lingus club is looking for high rated player to teach women player and my guess is valentine will play their home games and ? teach girls to play chess , how come you know he lives in rush now ?! .

  11. shahram says:

    The club is called aerlingus ? why ? does aer lingus sponsors the club ? may be valentine will get free air miles to travel to latvia by joining it ? .

    Elm mount are going to win 2013-2014 heidenfeld division ( you heard it here first ! ). very solid team and strong on all boards including bottom board .

  12. Hi Shahram,
    Valentine on B1 in the Ennis should be too strong for just abour any player in the league. I think he is up about 400 points in the last year, so he is on a different level to anybody else. Gearoidin on B2 gives a very strong top order. I think Gearoidin was on the Irish ladies team at the last Olympiad.
    I think Aer Lingus play in the ALSAS sports complex, so it may possibly be an easier commute.
    Any news on the final score last night between Rathmines A and Naomh Barrog in the heidenfeld?
    Eoins draw means the BEA B final score was 3.5 1.5 v Dublin.

  13. shahram says:

    Rathmines A won 5.5 points vs 2.5 points . philip doyle & atanas lost and david goggins drew . except couple of players I think rest of their team were rated around 1200

  14. shahram says:

    The rathmines result is up on , am I bad at maths or the 150 point rule has been breached ? in match rathmines A vs naomh barrog ?

  15. shahram says:

    Rathmines A in ennis league just beat Dublin 4-2 , me & john gaffeney won and rest drew

  16. shahram says:

    Cool ! now if you click on calendar , rathmines twitter account is posted beside it and rathmines results gets posted here . Have a few questions . under rathmines twiiter account it says . ” Long standing and successfull hess club ” . what is a hess club ? & what is meaning of successful ? . is natalia pogonina the prettiest GM to ever walk the earth really one of 20 following rathmines twitter account ??!! .

  17. rathmineschessclub says:

    Thanks for pointing out the hess typo – fixed now. In regard to the twitter feed on the site this should enable me to get the match results out to members while the news is still fresh. I’m aiming to get the match results in as soon as they are completed so I can update the members through twitter and then directly to the website. After that members are probably interested in the standings and prospects etc and the LCU site is the place for that.

    BTW, I also added a Leinster Leagues 2013/14 tab to the menu so we have a place to discuss issues about the progress of our teams in the leagues and related matters. At the moment these comments are appearing under whatever article happens to be in the home page, so I hope this will be an improvement.

  18. shahram says:

    Yes ! The website is much improved .thanks . I think the calendar and twitter section will be picked up by other websites in the future . Twitter is useful for quick notification by players if more sign up.

  19. shahram says:

    Silly start to world chess championship after all the hype .Personally I am not a fan of either player . Anand lacks charisma and has a very boring personality both on & off the board, in fact if you were shipwrecked and found yourself alone on a tiny deserted island you’ll be more bored if Anand was there with you ! . Carlsen on other hand I feel has spent too much of his life playing chess instead of other activities , he always looks shattered & dazed as if he hasn’t slept for a week ,In fact if they make a movie about gulags ( russian forced labour camps ) in siberia . he can play a lead role prisoner as he doesn’t have to change his facial expression ! .

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