winter Blitz Tournament on 19-Dec-13

The Rathmines winter Blitz tournament will take place in the club on Thursday, 19th December, 2013, at 8pm.  All members welcome.  Free entry.  As usual, it´s sure to be great fun with generous prizes of wine, chocs, etc. up for grabs for players of all standards.  Note that this will be the last club night of the year, as we will be shut right through the Xmas/New Year period. I hope to see you there!
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10 Responses to winter Blitz Tournament on 19-Dec-13

  1. shahram says:

    Cool , it seems in spirit of xmas , michael kennedy & john burns will make cameo appearance at the club next week.Great result against benildus last night , must not get complacent !.

    In other news instead of defending my title as the current gonzaga intermediate champion , I am being allowed to play in higher section , so I’ll be playing in masters section next month and I deserve to be there as coming clear winner among 57 players has earned me the right to compete in higher section , I think for someone my age who was firmly stuck to board 4 of Bea Division 2 seasons ago to play in masters section( unjustly deprived of bonus points & only k factor of 24 ) is just amazing and a hollywood movie should be made of this journey , anyone from the club is playing in masters ? .During gonzaga masters my few remaining brain cells will unite together and shout ” THIS IS SPARTA !”

  2. leon fagan says:

    I see that rathmines b in bea are on a role a nice result which puts them in second 4 points behind us currently as we won 5-0.They have a real chance of promotion once they avoid defeat in skerries.but remember you still have to play us,skerries and ballinasloe who are also very strong makes for interesting run in

  3. leon fagan says:

    A great result for rathmines a in last game a pity jack lost.He is lucky i’m not team captain as he would have gotten 2 weeks in gulag for messing up a perfect score lol,

  4. shahram says:

    Leon ,the rathmines A team that played against benildus should have been the team that was playing from day 1 in the league ,after last years DISASTER , the promotion candidate should have such a great pool of strong players and need not fill it’s bottom boards with players whose best years are either well in the past or yet to come .Before season start, there should be a meeting ( all invited ) where teams are given objective for the season ( promotion , avoid relegation ) and properly resourced , each players capability , match attendance record ,etc should be taken into account .

    LCU are a joke , the fact no entry mechanism exists for a strong team like yours lets say to ennis league and have to start from bottom and now they are talking about creating a division 7 now !.

    I see you are going to rathmines blitz , I have to play in elm mount blitz the night before so hopefully I can win a prize and can bring it to rathmines the next night for prize for winners, you see I am such a caring individual , it is amazing , anyone from your club playing in gonzaga ?

  5. leon fagan says:

    shahram firstly looking at both rathmines teams i think they are very well balanced and both could possiblely get promotion.I hope to at both blitz events next week.mindaugas and monika may play gonzaga not sure yet.

  6. shahram says:

    Yes , I remember those 2 playing in gonzaga masters 2 years ago , I actually gave both of them a lift from bray rapid to rathmines last year , monika had a little girl with her i assume was her daughter , she disappeared from chess for a year and now appears again in Bea ?! my guess is she either left Dublin for a year or ? had a new kid .

    As for rathmines teams it is not question of having balanced teams , it is about targets and what you trying to achieve and how to achieve it and grasp the playing rathmines b in february heavily outrating them, if I was the captain I would place weakest players on board 1 & 2 and put matthew & henry against your bottom boards which is 1400-1500 rated to get the maximum points and gives every one in the team good games.

    In ennis league , inchicore are going to be promoted and rathmines & royal lopez are favorites for remaining promotion place, even though elm mount are the strongest on paper .

  7. leon fagan says:

    Shahram in relation to rathmines b in the bea i don’t think they have any weak players/boards i think the other 3 lads are very strong also.but if i was in their shoes i would make sure they beat both ballinasloe+skerries.Shahram for what it is worth not all games are decided by rating for example if you look when i won the armstrong with rathmines 2 seasons ago rathmines were only fourth seeds,Also a good positive attitude and high team moral will overcome rating differences

  8. shahram says:

    I am sure rathmines b team in Bea division thanks you for having such great confidence in them and for considering all of them as being very strong chess players , as to make sure they beat ballinalsoe & skerries what suggestions do you have for them as how to achieve this ? & how come high rated round towers failed to beat skerries ?!!. are you starting any junior chess club in clondalkin ?.

    In last year elm mount blitz the organisers entered the competition themselves and there were no arbiters , in my section there was confusion in score keeping and who is playing who , thankfully john delaney who was not even involved in competition stepped in to save the day , They served fish fingers and chips after the competition so if you like that kind of food have light dinner .

  9. leon fagan says:

    shahram i will answer both your questions tomorrow at the rathmines blitz.

  10. shahram says:

    I thought xmas blitz result will be posted ?..oh well

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