Club Closed until Thursday 2 January 2014

Please note that our club rooms will remain closed through the holiday period, but will re-open on Thursday 2 January 2014.

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5 Responses to Club Closed until Thursday 2 January 2014

  1. shahram says:

    Prize giving was a problem both in rathmines and also in elm mount blitz which I played a day earlier .In rathmines far too many prizes were handed out and nearly every one who took part won a prize !! . perhaps most of prizes should be kept and handed out to rathmines juniors in coming months ( after checking items expiry dates ) in their competitions or in spirit of xmas given to a charity like st vincent de paul. I played in elm mount blitz the night before in 1500-1800 section and came first with score of 8/9 and won a prize but they started from the top section and most winners were taking box of chocolates& biscuits and when it came to lower sections only bottles of wines were left and a boy appeared to be aged around 12 picked up a bottle of wine as a prize as no chocolates were left , I did offer to exchange his prize for mine but my biscuit- wine gambit was declined !. 38 players took part in rathmines blitz and 48 in elm mount , The number 48 is an interesting number because in the last ICU agm meetings the total number of votes cast in 1st round was 48 , when announced it took me by surprise as it was a good few more than number of people voting in the room ! ( also one person was told not eligible to vote ) .

  2. shahram says:

    Some people wonder why there are so many nutcases & obnoxious higher rated players in the chess community , the answer is very simple , being obnoxious and having anti social behaviour is very good for your chess progression !! . If you are obnoxious then you will have few or no friends to engage in activities with , which creates more time to learn and play chess , specially if you are obnoxious from an early age and have a good memory , then you have key ingredients for being a great chess player.

  3. shahram says:

    A big problem in chess society is that many chess players are DELUSIONAL ! , they feel they are much better than they really are , when they lose they always have excuses why they lost , many times after a match you hear someone say they were winning until the last minute blunder and so many times I have asked a player to show me the game and when they do , I discover they were exaggerating and never had decisive position and were just fooling themselves and inadvertently others , I was just looking at ICU website and under the heading ( LCU annual christmas blitz ) my name is also listed and looks bigger and brighter than the rest of the words in the paragraph but thanks to my balanced mind I know this is NOT true and it is just a mirage.

    It would have been nice if elm mount had published tables of results for LCU blitz instead of haphazardly publishing names ,there should really be an arbiter in the venue , i was playing this guy called jacob and once he was short on time , on several occasion he pressed his clock and then moved !! ,there was no arbiter to bring this to his attention , even then he lost on time .

  4. shahram says:

    Looks like some people trying to classify chess as sport to get some grant money , chess is NOT a sport unless the term sport is redefined and can also apply to mind only exercise as well and not only competitive physical activities . if chess is classified as sport then why other games like scrabble can’t join this classification ?

  5. shahram says:

    Yes , in Elm mount blitz , players in my section were packed like sardines and there was not enough room on the table even to place captured pieces on and players were accidentally hitting adjacent boards clock( there should be regulation regarding minimum space allowed between boards ) and if you play there in an away game in the future and feel chess pieces are oily it’s because they served fish and chips towards the end and players were eating and playing chess same time , on positive note , the organizers were really nice and friendly .

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