Shahram’s Tale of Two Cities

Many thanks to Shahram for providing the following 2 games and annotations:

“The first game is the game i am most disgusted with where I snatched defeat from jaws of victory and the second is the most satisfying win where I snatched victory from jaws of defeat”.
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Shahram Nikrow (1538) – Ray O’Rourke (1902), Bray Open, Summer 2013

This game was played during the summer in bray open , it was held in weekdays for 6 consecutive weeks and I was around 15-20 minutes late to each match with my clock running as I would rush from work to my match. I am playing white here and opponent plays sicilian . 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.g3 Nf6 4.Nc3 g6 5.Bg2 Bg7 6.0-0 0-0 7.d4 cxd4 8.Nxd4 a6 9.h3 Qc7 10.Be3 Nc6 11.Nxc6 bxc6 12.Rb1 Rb8 13.Qd3 Nd7 14.f4 game is balanced until opponent makes a mistake 14… f5? and I go up a pawn and a better position 15.exf5 Rxf5 16.Qc4+ Kf8 17.Qxc6 Qd8 18.Qc4 Nb6 19.Qd3 Ra5 so I play 20.b4?! and soon my pawn advantage is gone and I am in a bit of trouble [I know 20.Bd4 is what I should play but I want to do a grandmastery move and surprise my opponent !] 20…Ra3 21.Rb3 Bf5 22.Qd2 Nc4 23.Qe1 Rxb3 24.cxb3 Nxe3 25.Qxe3 Rxb4 26.Kh2 Bd4 27.Qd2 Bg7 28.Re1 Rd4 29.Qc1 e5 30.Ne2 Rd3 31.Qc4 Re3 32.Rf1 mopponent blunders with 32… Bd3?? 33.fxe5+ Bf5 34.Nf4 Rxe5 35.Ne6+ Rxe6 36.Qxe6 Bf6 37.Qc4 Be5 38.Be4 Qg5 39.Qd3 Kg7 40.Bxf5 gxf5 41.Rxf5 I am waiting for opponent to resign but game continues 41… Qc1 42.Qe2 Bf6 43.Qf2 I am confident I can exchange my rook and queen for his queen & bishop and with a pawn up I can win but since opponent is short on time I decide to mess around more and run down the clock and not thinking any more and just looking around the room and end up losing the game a few moves later 43… Qc3 44.h4 a5 45.Kh3 Qc8 46.g4 Qc3+ 47.Rf3 Qe5 48.Qe3 Qa1 49.Qf2?? Qh1+ 50.Kg3 Bxh4+ a great example of what , mental fatigue , lack of discipline , immaturity . complacency could do in a chess game . 0-1

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Shahram Nikrow (1532) – Orison Carlile (1979), Ennis 2013

This game I played in ennis open final round , before the game I get a call from friend of mine inviting me to dinner among couple of other people and he is cooking sea bass , so if I finish game quickly I can make it back to Dublin for dinner so i decide to play fast and hopefully get a an early draw . Time format is 1:30 min + 15 seconds increment.  It’s french opening , I am playing white 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 exd5 4.Bd3 Nc6 5.c3 Bd6 6.Nf3 Nge7 7.Bg5 is unusual ( home made recipe ) and things go to plan 7… f6 because of last move black feels it may be safer to castle long and that’s what I am hoping for and launch queen – side pawn storm immediately , I have been in this position several times before with good success 8.Bh4 Bg4 9.Nbd2 Qd7 10.O-O O-O-O 11.b4 Kb8 I usually play 12. a4 but in this game I thought why not Qa4  followed by Bb5 and apply more pressure and offer early draw , I see opponent can play Nxd4 but forget that bishop also can take on d7 and not just rook  so after 12.Qa4? soon I am a pawn down and opponent has bishop pair,  I played too fast and my clock reads 1:26 vs 1:14 after 14 moves . I go over to window and see my car in car park , I say to myself I can resign now and go to dinner but decide I don’t deserve it and I am going down fighting.  I decide I am going to build a fortress and will sit down solid during match and no walking around and if opponent wants to think how to break down the fortress he has to use his own time and not mine , so while he is thinking what to do I am trying to guess what his most likely moves are and how I should respond  12… Nxd4 13.Qxd7 Nxf3+ 14.gxf3 Bxd7 15.Bg3 Nf5 16.Rfe1 Nxg3 17.fxg3 g6 18.Kf2 f5 19.Nb3 Rhe8 20.Rxe8 Rxe8 21.Re1 Rxe1 22.Kxe1 b6 23.Be2 c5 24.a3 Ba4 25.Nc1 g5 26.Bd3 Bd7 27.Kd2 h5 28.Ne2 f4 29.gxf4 gxf4 30.Bg6 h4 31.Bf7 Bc6 32.Ke1 Be5 33.Kd2 Kc7 34.Bh5 Bd7 35.Bg6 Kd6 36.Nc1 d4 37.c4 Ke7 38.b5 Kf6 39.Be4 Kg5 40.Kd3 I offer a draw , a sharp NO lets me know two things 1. Not to ask that question again  and 2. If I  play 40 . Ke2 ,  he is going to  play 40…d3 + and sacrificing a pawn to open up the game (only way) and now we will both have chances Bh3 41.Ke2 d3+ 42.Nxd3 Bd4 43.Nf2 Be6 44.Bd3 h3 45.Kf1 after a long think , opponent is smiling ( I know I am in trouble even before he moves ) Bxf2 and his king is rushing to C4 pawn and I can’t save it ,In the last few moves his clock in under 5 minutes and as soon as he moves , I do a quick blunder check , move and hit the clock 46.Kxf2 Kf6 47.Ke2 Ke5 48.Kd2 Kd4 49.Bf1 Bxc4 50.Bxh3 Bd3 51.Bd7 c4 52.h4 c3+ 53.Kc1 Ke3 54.Bc6 Bg6 55.a4 Kd4 56.Bd7 Kc4 57.Bg4 Kb4 58.h5 Bh7 59.Be6 Kxa4 60.Bf7 Kxb5 61.Bg6 Bg8 62.h6 Kc4?? I look at clock and I have 38 minutes vs 2 minutes ( 15 second increments ) , It’s now my turn to smile ,  my right hand dives into the board and plays 63.Bf7+ and as right hand retreats , the left hand goes around the board towards opponent to pick up the white queen and bring it to my side of table , baffled opponent looks at the board and a minute later , it is his hand that is travelling towards me  to resign. After my win I am too late for friend’s dinner but know which seafood restaurant in Dublin to go to to get a sea bass that night and crab claws for starters as bonus ( after all I deserved it ) .1-0

Lunch at match venue = 10 euro
2 nights accommodation in ennis = 115 euro
Look on opponent’s face after  63 . Bf7 +  = PRICELESS !
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33 Responses to Shahram’s Tale of Two Cities

  1. shahram says:

    Thanks michael for putting this up , you can blame baileys on ice for bad grammar & spelling !,last line should read ( look on opponent’s face ) , result at the end of second chess video should read 1-0 ( white wins ) .As annotations are not on the same page as chess video , best to open 2 separate webpages , one for chess video and the other for annotations and as you click on the forward button in video you can jump from the game to annotations on other webpage.

  2. shahram says:

    One last little correction , in second game opponent name is : orison carlile and NOT carisle as posted, I did ask him about this name just before the match and did email the right spelling.
    As I have abundance of sportsmanship I posted 2 games , one showing me at my worse and the other at my best ( sadly my best is not very good either !).

    I wish all chess players believed in sportsmanship , In city of Dublin chess tournament as my work finished same time as my 1st match is supposed to start , NOT only did I inform the organizer that I’ll be late, I also asked a clubmate competing to let my opponent know , then on sunday early morning I come for my game and supposed to play a guy called gyorgy vankles and not only he does not show up ( cuz he can no longer win prize money ), he didn’t let any one know that he was not coming so that I could be paired with some one else instead of hanging around sunday morning for nothing ( ended up going to cinema later that morning ) .I could not even claim rating points for a win . Action should be taken against players like these .

    I am going to take it easy posting here for a while as I like to keep low profile and I am bashful .

  3. shahram says:

    Yes, well done rathmines juniors , let’s not forget that I met the Al Hague trio in bray rapid and advised them to join rathmines club even though they live in lucan ( I am always trying to help the club ), hopefully I won’t be forgotten at the time of national club championship this April .
    As regards training juniors I would prefer a more centralized system for Dublin with different coaches for different levels of skill , perhaps several clubs get together for this purpose .It is important that juniors DO NOT get obsessed with chess and have a balanced life and get adequate exercise and socialize , a maximum numbers of hours in a week a junior should play chess should also be set by FIDE .

  4. shahram says:

    Talking about chess coach , I think I need one as I am playing in gonzaga masters end of this month and have little preparation and Not sure what to do , the chess engine ( fritz 13 ) I bought on ebay 2 years ago from a guy in hong kong keeps freezing and I doubt it is the real mccoy as I have managed to beat it a few times !! .I am low on cash but have ample supply of basmati rice and toliet rolls in the attic willing to barter for chess lessons .

  5. shahram says:

    Having finally got tired of watching Miley cyrus’s wrecking ball music video on youtube repeatedly, I said to myself what would happen if in youtube search I put the word ( chess ) followed by name of a long standing rathmines player , would any video’s turn up ? to be honest I didn’t hold much hope of anything turning up and was surprised by seeing so many videos there !!, here are few examples

    1. does jack know a whole chess lecture is based on one of his games on youtube and his opponent oddly is a player who I may meet in final round of the season ? this video is only a small part of the lecture

    2. who are these 2 rathmines players in this video ?

    3. who is the lady in this video , what year was this filmed ? and what language is she talking in ?

  6. shahram says:

    After today’s game I am not sure if I am master material at all !! , I was playing sean galligan from Longford on board 1 and I had much better position with 4-3 pawn majority on queen side with bishop pair vs B+N and should have pushed c pawn then b pawn and got the order mixed up ( usual end game blunder ) and went from winning position to totally lost position but kept playing on , in endgame sean had a knight & 2 connected central pawns vs my lone bishop , as I had over 30 minutes against opponent’s 5 minutes I just sat there knowing what I was going to play but waited & waited and after about 10 minutes opponent was distracted by a noise from behind him turned his head for 2 seconds only and that what I was waiting for and my hand dived into the board and nudged my king one square and hit the clock and simply went back to the posture I was before opponent turned his head ( leaning forward and holding my chin with my hands ) , The moving of my king and hitting the clock was done so quickly and silently , I deserve an honorary NINJA degree for it ,I did not risk writing down the move straightaway as he would have spotted it , when opponent turned his head back, thankfully he did not noticed I had moved and only realized it when he had just about one minute left on the clock and in desperate time pressure he lost both his pawns and game was drawn , and we managed to beat Longford 4.5 – 1.5 points , It is amazing things I’ll do to help my team & my club .

  7. shahram says:

    I have reached the conclusion that the 2 games I’ve posted here has only been seen by ( me ,opponent and michael ) , I asked teammates today what they thought about the games posted here , two of them said they’ve read my comments but did NOT click on the games to see them ! and another teammate doesn’t have computer , and earlier I had asked the moderator who is running this website and he hadn’t seen it either !! , so If your own team that you see regularly don’t bother looking at your games there is no hope any one else will , Looks like my work of arts ( art of blundering ) will not be appreciated as art can not appreciate itself . I think I’ll just go to eddie rockets and get a chocolate sunday ice cream to make me feel better, ……….. wait it is too cold ……I will have apple pie and cream instead .

  8. shahram says:

    Works of art and NOT work of arts , I should really read my statement at least once , before clicking on post comment .

  9. shahram says:

    Yes , posting games is a waste of time , if you are a titled or a very strong player , others may analyze your games and try to learn tactics , otherwise few will look at your game and when they do ,they’ll likely just fast forward the game and won’t spend more than a minute looking at it ,Just because you spent hours looking at your game and think it was special ( like your kids ) , it is not special to others .

    We had a sub from rathmines A in Bea division who asked me , how come all other rathmines teams results are published via twitter ,whether good or bad except rathmines A in BEA ?, and I answered , simple because they didn’t like a certain movie ,and he asked me which one ? and I said ” The Good , The Bad and The Ugly ! “.

  10. leon fagan says:

    does anybody know the result in rathmines b game with skerries.

  11. Nick S says:

    Skerries won 4.1

  12. leon fagan says:

    thanks nick an unlucky result to say the is a pity rathmines b play us next the draw was not kind to rathmines b in that regard.

  13. shahram says:

    One hell of an exhausting day in gonzaga yesterday , I had to work in the morning til lunch ,so miss the morning round in gonzaga and then end up playing against an ex and then a current rathmines player , mindaugas & scott mulligan . but then it’s the same story again , by move 16 , I have decisive winning position in both games only to screw it up as usual . I get tired & confused towards the end , so much so that in my game against mindaugas instead of promoting my pawn to a queen I promote it to a knight instead ! and in the next 7 moves even though I have a knight and pawn against his lone rook ,he could have checkmated me ! real mental torture as I end up invoking 50 move rule as he is about to offer a draw ! that game left me absolutely exhausted in my next game against scott which is a de javu of my round 1 against mark halley as the first 14 moves are identical then I go off the book and manage to screw it up and lose. In masters section ,players are more serious, tense and smile less than other sections .

  14. shahram says:

    Recording moves is a real pain and find it very distracting ,specially when english is not my first language , I play too fast and keep forgetting I am supposed to think during a chess game,

  15. leon fagan says:

    shahram you do not need to think during a game as your a genuis.i reckon you should be next team captain due to your cunning plans and strategy by the way have you been reading my book devious chess.

  16. shahram says:

    Thanks Leon for thinking I am a genius ( genius in what exactly ? ) ,also sorry for the delay in responding to you as I have been in a coma for the past week and only woke up this morning ! , friday last week I was happily walking into the gonzaga barn with a bucket planning to milk high rated players for rating points and last thing I remember I was sent flying out the barn with the bucket over my head !. I thought after playing in gonzaga masters I’ll be heading towards a CM ( candidate masters ) title and after the tournament I was awarded the CM title straightaway! but the CM stood for ( chess muppet )!.to their credit gonzaga took my advice from last year and did make an effort in masters section , putting us in a nice quiet room and provided chess equipment unlike other sections and also made sure the weekend did not clash with league fixtures . All they need is get couple of big names like sam collins to play for 1-2 years and this section can really get going .

    Yes I would make a good captain as I am a great strategist & statistic analyst and understand players potential better than anybody else ,but I doubt I’ll be a great chess player as I am unable to focus for long periods and regularly throw away winning positions and lose my games .At the start of the season I had to vigorously argue to be put in ennis league and not languish pointlessly in bottom boards of rathmines B heidenfeld and as a result ,our Ennis A team is challenging for promotion and I was able to sub for Heidenfeld A and give them 2 out 2 wins.

  17. shahram says:

    So many SAD philosophies in chess today which thankfully not applied in daily life !, I have decided to go bunratty instead of malahide , as last time in malahide so many low rated kids some as low as 1115 in my section ( 1400 – 1800 ) and now in bunratty in challenger section which I’ll be playing in , even though they have allowed those within 100 points of threshold to play it looks another bunch not even within 100 points will be allowed to join the section !! Imagine if you applied that philosophy to entering a bar and said only over 18’s allowed but those within 2 years of being 18 can enter and buy alcohol and then another bunch of 13 and 14 years old got in as well !! . Another BAD idea is st benildus christmas blitz ( a xmas named event held in february ! ) this week where huge time handicaps is allowed , not only it is unethical to punish the stronger player by giving him just 2 minutes to make all his moves , the game quality would be a farce anyway and instead of teaching kids about fair play & sportsmanship it will only lead to their sense of entitlements and delusions about their chess abilities , if you applied that philosophy to athletics then in next 100 meter race Usain bolt would have to wear a 10 Kg backpack at start of the race ! .I played in that blitz 2 years ago and declined my handicap time advantage when it applied to me .

  18. shahram says:

    On sunday afternoon after seeing a blitz being advertised on ICU for charity in africa being held in grafton street by a Mr Aravind menon ( former junior champion )as weather was good and I like giving to charity I walked down to grafton street , a 20 minutes walk from my home and when I got there he was playing and people around him saying he has not been beaten all day so I made a few euro donation and he told me he was playing black for long time so I said I will play black .After beating him once he offered me a prize which was a small pack ( possibly chocolates) I refused to accept my winning prize and I said to him ” give that to kids in africa ” even though I was a bit hungry myself and we played another game and this time in the endgame I had a queen and a knight against his king trying to hide behind only remaining pawn on 4th rank and with his friends and supporters around him I did not find it in my heart to chase his king to it’s inevitable demise and I offered a draw which he gratefully accepted . I was videoed while playing by his friends and they put up one of his games on youtube which you see below .The level of my sportsmanship is truly amazing !

  19. sean galligan says:

    funny to read ur comments about sportsmanship shamram, in the light of ur admission about shenanigans with clock while I was under time pressure during our game….. certainly bordering on gamesmanship!!
    Sean Galligan

  20. shahram says:

    I am surprised by the comment above as I was not expecting anyone except a few rathmines players ( past & present ) to be reading the comment box here , as there is no verification process it is possible the above poster could be anyone , but if genuine here is my response : I moved a piece and hit the clock , it is responsibility of each player to keep an eye on the board and the clock as I can not be expected to bring it to opponent’s attention and when asked had I moved , I immediately replied ” yes ” and called out the move and wrote it down , if I was unsporty I could have wasted more time by asking to repeat the question ,etc. As regarding sportsmanship I displayed further examples last weekend in bunratty . When playing against benildus player mariusz I was in winning position and had around 50 minutes vs his 6 minutes and knew had to move the rook and then the knight and made a blunder and I reached for the knight first and realized my mistake as soon as I touched it , I could have said J’adoube , pretending I was adjusting a piece and would have got away with it as I had not lifted the knight yet , but I smiled and said ” touch move ” and moved the knight and mariusz now had option to capture my knight or my rook and he takes my knight !! and loses the game , Also in bunratty even I had water myself and not thirsty when seeing players looking for water I left my game and went to reception couple of times asking for water for others ( great sportsmanship ) .

  21. shahram says:

    My Gonzaga games in masters section are now on ICU website in gonzaga article , as they are so bad , I highly recommend any one reading this not to waste their time looking at them ,specially If they suffer from serious medical illness ( epilepsy , heart disease , etc ) as their condition may get worse by looking at them ! .On saturday I played against mindagas & scot and in both games had winning position , only to screw it up , and was so disheartened on sunday that against bernard boyle & paul higgins I was hardly looking at the board.

  22. sean galligan says:

    This is actually the real Sean Galligan….. remember I met you again while you were playing the inchicore No 1 in the next round (;.. I realise it is my responsibility to see that op has moved, but if the positions were reversed I would never go out of my way to disguise the fact I had moved…..usually if op was walking around the room I would notify him that it was his turn .Anyhow its no problem and a draw was ultimately about right….. its just that I will be more cautious the next time

  23. shahram says:

    Sean we did see each other twice ( I thought rathmines B ennis was going to longford ), Chess is a battle of minds , on chess board there are traps and tricks players use and all strategies which are not illegal and NOT distracting or annoying to opponent should be considered , you be happy to know sometimes ,so called shenanigans can backfire , I was playing Danny malaghan in bunratty last weekend and in middle game went up a pawn and few moves later a second pawn ,Danny had an attack going but I was confident it would eventually fizzle out and being up 2 pawns I would win the game , after one of my moves , was looking at the board and after 1-2 minutes realized that opponent had a possibility of little combination that would win back all lost material and a strong attack starting with a knight sacrifice , in two minds whether to wait and hope he won’t see it or offer a draw , so I went for the latter option and after a yawn offered draw , Danny smelled a rat and went into a long deep think and discovered the combination after a few minutes and had me on the ropes and was very lucky at the end to get away with draw thanks to his time trouble . With rating of 1720 you should be playing in heidenfeld , if neighbours cavan and longford merge they would have a strong team for promotion to heidenfeld , also no chess competitions in that part of country , perhaps a weekender could be organized there ,

  24. shahram says:

    I have to be more cautious posting here from now on , My posts ( rants ) were only meant for 3 or 4 rathmines players with nothing better to do with their time but now I suspect I got more readers than I would have liked ( as I am bashful ) , When I was in bunratty , couple of st benildus players gave me meaningful looks and scot’s dad asked me how is eddie rockets !

  25. shahram says:

    Yes , forgot , those players who gave me meaningful looks are really nice fellows ( seriously ) and so is scot’s dad , will rant about bunratty on sunday . good night

  26. shahram says:

    Bunratty 2014

    The Trip : As a motorist you are truly ripped off , nearly %70 of your petrol price is government tax and yet they put multiple road tolls to rip you off further , to make it worse from the time you leave Dublin until you arrive in bunratty , there are no facilities on the way , petrol station , pub , Nothing ! , at least they could plant a few bushes on the road side in case nature calls , most of planners in city councils got their job because no one else would hire them and not good in anything else.

    The stay : I had 2 sleepless nights , there were bird nests just outside my hotel room widow and they were making a racket all night long and only got about 3 hours max sleep each night , falling sleep around 4 am .

    The scandals : 1. watergate 2. prizegate

    1. a. Many rooms effected by cold showers and when I came down to reception to complain about the birds saw two women giving hell about cold showers to receptionist and I decided not to complain , also drinking water supply was short in supply & intermittent .

    prizegate :

    A 1639 rated player was allowed to play in below 1600 section and won the top prize , valentine kalinins was robbed of his 200 euro prize by organizers .

    GOOD news section : Venue was warm and I did not have to play against any low rated chancers and picked up 30 rating points ( according to my calculation it should have been 32 points , if you add all the rating change from my individual matches )

  27. shahram says:

    In name of fairness I was going to propose a new law to icu that those playing up and not within 100 points of lowest threshold & no merit should be SACCED ( Shahram’s Anti Chess Chancer Entering Divisions ) but since this has no chance of passing ( gravy train must continue ) here is another proposal ; ” If a high rated player is ambushed by a low rated player more than 100 points from bottom threshold he has the right to play the game unrated “

  28. shahram says:

    Just reading WGM Alina L’ami bunratty article on Icu website and ” I am not buying it !.I am sure she is a nice person but she has had alot of help writing this article , also parts of article sounds phony and over the top and most of the photo’s are stock photos.The part about the first attempt at guinness with people around she hated it and said ” interesting ” but second attempt later on , she loved it ,doesn’t sound very plausible .I am sure without help , her bunratty article will look like the rubbish I’ve posted above .In part 2 ( not published yet ) she’ll probably say she felt so safe here that could have left her door unlocked ( wait & see ).going to bed good night

  29. shahram says:

    I am disappointed no one refuted my above statement , she is clearly enjoying a pint of guinness as you can see in final minute of this video

  30. shahram says:

    I played In Drogheda over the weekend and have to say it was the best venue in a club competition I’ve been to so far, easy parking , nice quiet clean room , not cold , plenty of space for players , and also the fact they made an effort by bringing lots of water and tea & even pens for players , in bunratty many times thirsty players were wondering around hotel looking for something to drink and I am not just saying this because of their exaggerated description of my game in their website .

  31. shahram says:

    My biggest problem during a chess game is keeping attention and focus on the game for prolonged periods and lost many games as result ,I get distracted easily and spend thinking about non relevant stuff , here an example : I was playing in a competition , it is winter and a player A ( shall remain anonymous to avoid similar case as sean galligan ) keeps the window wide open before start of match and a few minutes later the room is freezing , I sneak behind him and close the window as I complain about the cold and games start and player A ( PA ) gets to sit beside the window and instead of focusing on my game now I am thinking that it won’t be to long before PA going to open the window again , I notice PA is wearing a thick jumper , Ideally he should take off his jumper then every one in the room will be happy as room is not very warm, I could suggest it to him if he opens window for long period again but I don’t want to be rude and he probably won’t listen , I say to myself before he is going to open the window he is going to scan the room and then quietly open the window , so I am watching him all the time now ( pretending looking out the window ) and after about 15 minutes he scans the room , we make eye contact and a little exchange of smiles he goes back to his game and I say to myself that only bought me a few more minutes , how about giving him a subliminal message ! .Next time he scans the room I take of my jumper and go out into corridor and put it back on again or better still , I walk over to front of him where he can see me and take of my jumper and hope he copies shortly after ,good idea , I am about to get up when another thought comes into my mind , what if this backfires ? and by taking off my jumper I am suggesting to him that I am also warm and may encourage him further to open the window ? so after little thought I have reached final solution , a few minutes later when he scans the room and looks at my direction , I start taking off my jumper and as I am about to pull it over my head I pretend I changed my mind and pull my jumper down again , one minute later PA takes off his jumper and I am delighted that , I can finally go back to my game where sadly I have just blundered !.

  32. shahram says:

    Subliminal messages , Yes ,I knew about them from an early age , some times if you want something done,instead of directly asking for it as the target does not like been told what to do , you use subliminal messages to make them think it was their idea in the first place ! .As a child I lived in a hot climate and ice cream was popular , when walking with my mom in street if I asked her for one she very likely would buy me one but Dad was exact opposite story ( as he did not want to spoil me ) so if I really wanted an ice cream and we where approaching an ice cream parlour I would slow down and when dad asked why I was walking slowly , I would say I don’t feel well and it’s too warm and when in front of parlour , he would offer to buy me one !. I have to go for breakfast now , will give further examples specially in chess later today

  33. shahram says:

    Here couple of examples of subliminal messages at work in chess :

    1. If you scroll down in rathmines websites to the post on 30/09/2013 under heading ” BEA round 1 rathmines A vs B ” and look at the comment no : 4 which I posted on 1st of october , I congratulated killian for becoming irish blitz champ and said it was a pity that he is stuck to board 4 in gonzaga armstrong , which I posted after 1st round of armstrong , to disprove me , gonzaga have put killian on other boards except board 4 although is nearly every round he is supposed to be on board 4 based on his rating ! . Now will gonzaga do the right thing this saturday ?

    2. Scroll down to the post ” winter blitz tournament ” posted on December 14 and see comment no : 6 , where I was talking to leon and suggested that in BEA rathmines B team , matthew and henry Li should be in bottom board against his high rated team which was the best strategy , I am not involved in the team selection and for the 1st time for that match those 2 players are put on bottom boards and got a respectable 3.5-1.5 loss ( otherwise 5-0 would be the likely result ) .

    I could go on with dozens more examples but too lazy ,I have to be careful about subliminal messages , as I posted my games here and then said that it was waste of time and people will only flick through your game unless you are very high rated player and players will analyze your game , that may have negative impact on others thinking about posting their games .

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